Who Is Elz The Witch Dating? Her Boyfriend Name Revealed

Who Is Elz The Witch Dating? Her Boyfriend Name Revealed

If Elz the Witch is not dating Behzinga, who is her boyfriend? Let’s find out the truth about the mysterious dating life of the Youtuber.

Elz the Witch is a popular YouTuber whose videos go trending time and again. She has collaborated with multiple artists like KSI and Behzinga. 

Elz is a happy-go-lucky and fun-loving girl. Her personality traits are clearly seen in her videos. 

One thing that sets Elz apart from others is that she is true to herself in front of the camera. Her Q&A videos, baking series, gameplay are all in sync to take her to greater heights in the days to come.

So, here’s what we know about the rising content creator Elz the witch.

Quick Facts: Who Is Elz The Witch Dating? Her Boyfriend Name Revealed
Name Elz The Witch
Age 29
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession YouTuber, Content Creator
Instagram @elzthewitch
Youtube Elz the Witch

Who Is Elz The Witch’s Boyfriend? 

Elz the Witch is currently single and not dating anyone.

Earlier, there were a lot of speculations surrounding the gamer’s dating life. To clear the atmosphere, Elz shared a YouTube video on February 3, 2021, declaring her relationship status as single.

Was Elz The Witch Dating Behzinga?

No, Elz The Witch and Behzinga have never dated.

Elz clarified through her YouTube video and Behzinga debunked the truth on his Instagram live.

Behzinga asked his fans to accept the two as friends and stop making unnecessary assumptions regarding their personal lives.

Elz The Witch Instagram, YouTube

Elz the Witch is active on Instagram with a verified account. She has over 205 thousand followers on the platform.

Similarly, she has 290 posts and is following 750 accounts from her Instagram.

Elz the Witch is also famous on Youtube with more than 200k followers. Elz mostly posts her YouTube videos on Wednesday. She shares a variety of videos on YouTube, including challenge videos, cooking videos, and such.

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