Who Is Finley Taylor? Everything On The OnlyFans Model Ploughed By Drunk Driver

Who Is Finley Taylor? Everything On The OnlyFans Model Ploughed By Drunk Driver

OnlyFans model Finley Taylor got into a serious accident when a car crashed into her and her family. The full details of the incident are available below. 

Finley Taylor is an OnlyFans model. 

Daily Mail reported that Taylor was hit by a drunk driver when she was walking her dog with her husband in Ammanford. 

Taylor’s husband and dog were unscathed, however, she sustained some serious injuries in her legs. 

OnlyFans Model Finley Taylor Age

OnlyFans model Finley Taylor’s age is 27 years old. 

However, her birth year and month remain unknown at the moment. 

Finley Taylor Husband And Family

Finley Taylor is married to her husband, Eddie. He is 28 years old. 

As of now, very little is known about her husband’s profession or personal life. 

Likewise, there is not much information available about Taylor’s other family relationships including her parents. 

But, she and her husband own an adorable King Charles Cavalier Walter. 

Finley Taylor Accident Pictures And Video

Finley Taylor’s accident took place on the street of Ammanford. 

She was walking with her dog and husband when a white car plowed right into them. 

While Finley suffered the majority of the injuries, her husband was left with some cuts and bruises. Fortunately, their dog was left unscathed. 

The Sun disclosed some pictures of her injury that show she hurt her legs and thighs and had to have 15 stitches. 

There was also a CCTV video that showed she was smashed by a white car. 

The driver, Emily Down, was under the influence of alcohol and was driving over the speed limit. Down did not sustain any injuries in the aftermath of the accident and attempted to flee the scene.

However, the residents of the area apprehended her. Down was charged with drunk driving, leaving the scene of the crash, and not having a license on May 31.

She was released on bail but will have to appear at Llanelli magistrate’s court on the 1st of July 2021.

Meanwhile, Finley had to wait for hours before the help arrived and she was taken to the hospital. Her husband and dog were by her side the whole time. 

The OnlyFans model shared it was a horrifying experience and she survived by sheer luck. 

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