Who Is Foxy Grandma From Unpolished? Everything We Know About “Foxy Grandma” Varuzzi

Who Is Foxy Grandma From Unpolished? Everything We Know About “Foxy Grandma” Varuzzi

Eleanor Varuzzi aka Foxy Grandma’s age is 77 years old but, still, she is full of vigor and vitality just like a teenager. 

From the 2021 show Unpolished, TV viewers are introduced to some very talented new figures. Among them, Eleanor Varuzzi aka Foxy Grandma immediately became one of the sought-out stars.

Foxy Grandma is the grandmother of brilliant nail artist Lexi Martone and hair/makeup artist Bria Martone. Basically, she is considered the matriarchal and the queen of the Martone family.

Quick Facts:

Name Foxy Grandma (Eleanor Varuzzi)
Age 77
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Hair Stylist
Married/Single Married
Husband Joe
Children Jennifer Martone
Instagram @foxygrandma3142

Who Is Foxy Grandma From Unpolished?

Eleanor “Foxy Grandma” Varuzzi is one of the cast members of TLC’s 2021 show, Unpolished. In the show, she appears alongside her family members i.e. her daughter Jennifer Martone and granddaughters Lexi and Bria. Likewise, she also has a husband named Joe.

The Martone is a loud, fun-loving family all the way from Long Island. As per the New York Post, the Martone family is even getting compared with the Kardashian family.

Talking about Foxy Grandma’s professional life, she works two days a week cutting hair in their family-owned haven, Salon Martone. And, yes, Eleanor is a great cook too. She frequently shares pictures of her dish preparations on Instagram. 

Foxy Grandma, just like her name, is unique, honest, and unafraid of anything. Despite her growing age, she is very young at heart. Moreover, she is one of the coolest and stylish grandmothers to be ever seen on television.

How Old Is Foxy Grandma? Wikipedia, Age, Instagram

Best known for her work in the TLC’s reality show Unpolished, Foxy Grandma is 77 years of age. She was born in the early 40s. 

Foxy Grandma is yet to be featured on the Wikipedia page. However, she is available on Instagram and has built-up a fanbase of 16.4k. Grandma also doesn’t forget to thank her followers in her Instagram posts.

Most of Eleanor’s Instagram posts are about preparing food, like making sugar-free delicacies for her husband, home-cooking meals, and introducing new recipes. The intriguing part is she works magic on her customer’s hair.

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