Who Is Fran Stueber? Paul Stanley Guitar Tech From “Kiss” Cause Of Death And Bio

Who Is Fran Stueber? Paul Stanley Guitar Tech From “Kiss” Cause Of Death And Bio

A friend and guitar tech of Paul Stanley for the last 20 years, Fran Stueber has reportedly died because of COVID.

Francis Stueber was best known as the dear friend and guitar tech of Paul Stanley, the co-lead vocalist and founder of the rock band Kiss.

Paul wrote several of his band’s hit songs and also performed in several big stages.

In confirming Stueber’s death, Stanley thanked his late friend for always supporting him on and off stage throughout these years.

Stanley wrote a heartfelt message and condolence to the sad demise of his close friend and also wished for his peace.

Likewise, several other related people also expressed their gratitude and condolences to the man.

Who is Fran Stueber? Paul Stanley Guitar Tech Wikipedia Bio

Francis aka Fran Stueber was Paul Stanley’s guitar tech who were together for over 20 years.

While the Wikipedia bio of the late Stueber is not available, he was mostly involved in behind the stage works for Stanley and his band.

Although the vocalist had introduced Fran by bringing him up on the stage several times during his concerts, Stueber was not much covered by the media.

He lived a low-key life and nothing much about him can be found on the internet.

Apparently, he wasn’t able to do something on a bigger scale which is the main reason for his lack of a Wikipedia page.

How Old Was Fran Stueber?

The close friend of Paul Stanley, Fran Stueber’s age was only 52 years old at the time of his death.

Newsbreak has revealed the actual age of the late Stueber although his exact birthdate still remains undisclosed to the media.

Stueber and Stanley are believed to have met around more than two decades ago since Fran was helping Paul for more than 20 years.

Besides this, any other details about his early age and professional background are undiscovered.

Obituary: Fran Stueber Cause Of Death 

The official obituary of Fran Stueber reveals his cause of death to be COVID.

The musician Paul Stanely also confirmed the death cause of his close friend Stueber to be COVID while revealing the news of his demise.

While opening up about the sad news, Stanley said that Fran died on Sunday, October 17.

Fran Stueber Wife And Children

Fran Stueber was a married man with his loving wife and three children in his family.

Paul in the process also revealed about the late guitar tech being married and having three sons as his children in the family.

However, their identities and other respective details were not disclosed.

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