Who Is Francine Lons? Meet Keyshia Cole’s Mother ‘Frankie’ On Instagram

Who Is Francine Lons? Meet Keyshia Cole’s Mother ‘Frankie’ On Instagram

Francine Lons, the biological mother of Keyshia Cole, has passed away on July 18, 2021, leaving family and friends heartbroken. 

Francine Lons, aka Frankie Cole, was the biological mother of singer Keyshia Cole.

However, Keyshia was adopted by Yvonne Cole and Leon Cole. 

She was a drug addict and had several failed attempts to quit drugs and become sober. 

Her daughter Cole made several posts about her birth mother being a drug addict and seen her condition broke the singer’s heart repeatedly. 

Keyshia was very close to Francine as she was vocal about her drug addiction and struggled throughout her life. 

Let us learn more about Francine Lons and take a closer look at her cause of death and age. 

Who Is Keyshia Cole Mom Francine Lons?

Keyshia Cole’s birth mother, Francine Lons, was a drug addict. 

She was married to boxing trainer Virgil Hunter, who is also the biological father of singer Keyshia. 

Lons lived at her home in Oakland, and she died in her home on Sunday, July 18, 2021. 

Despite her turbulent history and struggle with addiction, she loved her kids very much and wanted them to be together. 

However, much information about the R&B singer’s mother has not come to the surface yet. 

She maintained a low profile during her life and did not reveal much about her personal life in public.

Francine Lons Age And Birthday: How Old Was She?

Francine Lons’s actual age was 61 years old when she died on Sunday. 

The celebrity’s mother was celebrating her birthday on July 18 when she died. 

She was showered with wishes and blessings on her birthday, but soon enough, the happy moments took a sharp U-turn. 

According to her actual date of birth, Francine has acquired Cancer as her zodiac sign. 

Making predictions about her personality based on her zodiac sign, people with Cancer as their zodiac sign tend to be cheerful, energetic, and independent.

However, each person has a unique personality. 

What Is Francine Lons Death Cause?

Francine Lons’s death cause has been revealed as drug overdoes. 

She celebrated her 61st birthday with her friends on July 18 at her house in Oakland while she overdoes drugs. 

Information about the autopsy result or report has not come to the surface yet. 

Looking at the record and turbulent history of the deceased with drugs, she might have gone a little too far in her birthday celebration. 

She has left numerous people heartbroken after her death.