Who Is Frank Zumbo? Everything On MP Craig Kelly Staffer’s Wife And Bio

Who Is Frank Zumbo? Everything On MP Craig Kelly Staffer’s Wife And Bio

Despite people wanting to know about Frank Zumbo’s wife, the Australian political advisor insists on keeping his lips tight.

Frank Zumbo is an adviser to Mr. Craig Kelly, a Member of the Australian Parliament. 

Frank has come to highlight after he was alleged of workplace harassment by two women working in the office of MP Craig. He previously faced multiple claims of harassment by several women, among whom some were 16-year-old interns.

Despite such claims and AVO from the police department, Frank is still working in the office of Mr. Craig as his advisor.

However, the AVO order restricts Frank from going any near 100 meters of the home or workplace of the supposed victims. 

Quick Facts:

Name Frank Zumbo
Age 55-65
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Profession Professor at UNSW
Education University of New South Wales
Twitter @frank_zumbo

Who Is Frank Zumbo’s Wife?

Any information about Frank Zumbo’s wife is not known yet. 

It’s not even revealed if he is married, single, or divorced.

As Frank has come to the limelight recently, there is nothing much about himself on the internet. There is still a question about his marital status. 

Let us learn more about Frank Zumbo and look at some of his interesting facts. 

Facts To Know About Frank Zumbo

  1. Frank Zumbo’s actual age is not known as of now. Judging by his appearance and photographs, he seems to fall in the age group of 55 to 65 years old. 
  2. Apart from being an advisor to the Member of Australian Parliament Craig Kelly, Frank is also a professor at UNSW. He is currently involved with the School of Business Law and Taxation at UNSW. 
  3. Frank was alleged of vandalizing cars and inappropriate workplace behavior by two women who are in their 60s. 
  4. Professor Frank Zumbo was also alleged of kissing a teenage intern in her neck in September 2020. He later clarified his actions by saying it was a common practice of saying hello in south European culture, according to The Guardian
  5. Talking about his educational background, Frank has degrees such as BCom, LLB, and LLM from various universities. 

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