Who Is Freddy Harteis New Wife? Everything On Jennie Mai’s First Husband

Who Is Freddy Harteis New Wife? Everything On Jennie Mai’s First Husband

Freddy Harteis new wife will be the mother of his 2 children, Linsey Toole. The couple is believed to be married soon.

Freddy Harties is an actor precisely known for ‘The Real’ and ‘The Hollywood Hunter’.

He is also an executive producer and host of the T.V series ‘The Maverick’.

Harteis is active in the industry since 2011 and has been in the limelight for his work from the beginning of his professional career.  

Aside from his professional life, Freddy’s personal life has faced several ups and downs.

He was widely famous for being a husband of his ex-partner Jennie Mai, but the former couple’s divorce headlined the news in a massive way.

Now, 4 years after the split, Mai has announced to be pregnant for the first time. She is expecting a child with her husband rapper Jeezy.

Meanwhile, Harteis is already fathered twice following his divorce with Jennie Mai.

With Mai being married to her husband Jeezy after breaking up with Freddy, fans are wondering if ‘The Hollywood Hunter’ is also married.

Does Freddy Harteis Have A New Wife? Is He Married?

Freddy Harteis is not married but his soon-to-be wife is Linsey Toole.

The engaged couple has not decided to get married yet. However, they share the same roof in Nashville, Tennessee.

Harteis and Toole are parents of two wonderful children Emersyn Rose Harteis and Huck Fredrick Harteis.

The lovebirds have known each other for over 10 years. Harteis invited Toole to his ranch and asked her to go on a hunt which has changed the course of their life.

Linsey Toole was a former racing queen as she was crowned Miss Racing Queen in 2014.

She is also a model who has worked on several country music videos.

Is Freddy Harteis The First Husband Of Jennie Mai?

Freddy Harteis and Jennie Mai married in 2007.

The former couple had a bitter ending in their decade long relationship as husband and wife as they finally signed the divorce papers in 2018.

Mai, co-host of ‘The Real’ worked as a fashion consultant when she met Harteis. The former couple tied the knot under the circumstance of not having children.

Also, the main reason for their divorce was revealed to be Mai’s decision to not have a child. Mai and Freddy called it quit in 2018 and several months later, Freddy became a father of his daughter Emersyn.

Now, Mai is married with the rapper Jeezy and has revealed to be pregnant with her first child.

Freddy Harteis Net Worth

The net worth of Freddy Harteis is estimated at $2 million.

He is an actor and a producer of the T.V show ‘The Maverick’. He is also known to be hunter and is an owner of Harteis Ranch.