Who Is Gene Littles Wife Yvette Koebke? Former Charlotte Hornets Coach Dies At 78 -Details To Know

Who Is Gene Littles Wife Yvette Koebke? Former Charlotte Hornets Coach Dies At 78 -Details To Know

Gene Littles was married to his wife Yvette Koebke and they even had 3 kids together. Fans are curious about his death cause and his net worth. 

Gene Littles was a former American professional basketball player and coach who played in the NBA and also in different college-level matches. 

He was initially picked in the NBA draft of the year 1969 by the New York Knicks and he played in the NBA for about 6 years. 

Earlier, he was actively playing in different college football leagues while he was at the High Point University in North Carolina. 

As an all-time leading scorer and an NAIA All-American, Gene was and still is a very reputed personality in the world of basketball. 

Well, not just as a player, but he is also recognized as a coach for different NBA teams since the 1970s. 

Now, with the news of his death, a lot of people are concerned regarding matters of his personal life. 

Precisely, concerns regarding his wife, age, son, net worth, and most importantly, the cause of his death are rising all over the media. 

Who Is Coach Gene Littles Wife Yvette Koebke? Meet His Son

Yvette Koebke is the wife of the late American basketball personality Gene Littles. 

Well, there is no more information regarding who Yvette is an individual or professional. 

Also, there is no information regarding when Gene and Yvette first met, how they met, or when they got married eventually. 

Still, we do know that in the long years of their togetherness, they gave birth to 3 amazing boys: Darren, Travis, and Gino. 

Also, we do not know what his sons do now. However, they surely did not become basketball players like their father because if they had, they would surely be famous. 

Now, after his death, Gene is survived by his wife Yvette Koebke and his 3 sons. 

Gene Littles Age: How Old Was The Former Basletbll Personality?

The age of former basketball personality Gene Littles was 78 years at the time of his death. 

He was born on June 29, 1943, in Washington, D.C., United States. Moreover, he started his career applying in the NBA when he was just about 22 years old. 

Gene Littles Net Worth Explored

Gene Littles had an estimated net worth of about $1 million. 

As a former NBA player and a coach, renowned for his experience, he surely gathered a net worth of at least a million dollars. 

Gene Littles Cause Of Death: How Did He Die?

The cause of Gene Littles’ death is not revealed yet. 

His death was confirmed by his former school where they wrote how devastated they were because of his death. 

He died on September 9, 2021, but nothing more about how he died or related matters are revealed yet.