Who Is George Alex Wife Nectaria Alex? Meet The Sydney Underworld Figure On Instagram

Who Is George Alex Wife Nectaria Alex? Meet The Sydney Underworld Figure On Instagram

Who is Syndey Construction’s George Alex’s wife Nectaria? After the public surface of Nectaria being separated from Alex, many are curious to know whether they are still married or divorced. 

George Alex is a Sydney underworld figure.

Known as one of Australia’s notorious figures, Alex, he managed to grab the limelight after his ongoing alleged fraud cases.

The most recent news about him is he was jailed after being accused of running a multi-million dollar tax scam.

George Alex Wife Nectaria Alex: Is He Still Married To Nectaria Alex?

George Alex’s wife Nectaria Alex has also been a subject of public discussion given her position as the criminal’s spouse.

He still seems to be married to Nectaria Alex in 2021. Well, there was news surfacing about Nectaria and George’s separation in 2015.

But, it seems that their separation has not been led to divorce. Well, in 2020, the news about him being picked up by family including his wife Nectaria and sister Athina Alex became a headline in the virtual world.

Furthermore, George also has a son named Arthur. aged 23. whose name also has been enlisted as a suspect in police raids.

After being granted bail in August 2020, his wife and sister came to pick him up in a car.

What is George Alex Age?

George Alex’s age is 50 years old as of 2021.

The Australian native stepped into the professional business world as an investor. Gradually, he transitioned to many other levels. 

George Alex Family And Children Details

Except for his wife, son, and sister, George Alex’s family details are explored in limited numbers.

Researching his family profile on the internet, there is also a record of his other three children. However, his other kids’ names have not been publicized unlike his son Arthur.

George Alex Net Worth: Sydney Construction 

George Alex’s net worth seems to be null as he is declared bankrupt as per The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Sydney Construction owner got accused of and was charged with robbing $17 million from the taxpayers as per SMH. Later, he got released temporarily from behind bars after paying a $2 million bail charge. The Construction boss specifically noted mental health treatment and took bail from the prison.