Who Is Gitte Westergaard? Everything On The Wife Of Prophet Muhammad Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

Who Is Gitte Westergaard? Everything On The Wife Of Prophet Muhammad Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

Gitte Westergaard is the wife of the famous cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, known for his drawings of Prophet Muhammad. 

Gitte Westergaard is well-known as the wife of cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. 

Gitte’s husband was once asked to draw prophet Muhammad, the way he sees it. And after the publishing of the drawing, their life changes. 

Kurt Westergaard is no more in this world, as the news about his death has come from his family, today. 

Kurt was given death threats, and even he was added to Al-Qaeda’s hit list during 2010, because of his drawings. 

Who Is Kurt Westergaard Wife Gitte Westergaard?

Gitte Westergaard is the wife of the cartoonist Kurt Wastergaard. 

Gitte used to work at the kindergarten but she was forced to leave the job during November 2007, as they had a very terrible time. 

Gitte and Kurt were escorted by PET, to different locations, as they were chased by the different murdered groups. It was because of the cartoon that Kurt had made. 

Talking about their marriage date, it is still not yet been revealed. They were in the marriage for over a very long time. Even had several children and many grandchildren. 

Gitte Westergaard Age: How Old Is She?

Gitte Westergaard’s age is estimated to be around 80-85 years old. 

Gitte’s exact age and date of birth are not available on online media. But if we compare her age to her late husband, who was 86, then Gitte might also be into her 80s. 

Lately, Kurt has passed aways on the 19th of July 2021, due to a short illness. 

Is Gitte Westergaard On Instagram? 

No, Gitte Westergaard is not on Instagram. 

Gitte is not even seen on social media, as she doesn’t use any. 

Gitte was seen several times with her husband on many different occasions, accompanying her. 

What Is Gitte Westergaard Religion?

Gitte Westergaard’s religion was Christian. 

Both Gitte and her husband Kurt followed the Christian religion and even their children also follow the same. 

Kurt was accused several times that being a Christian he should not mock any other religion, but Kurt’s intention was not to mock but instead, establish a definition of free speech.