Who Is Gracelyn Trimble? Dalvin Cook Accused By Ex Girlfriend For Domestic Abuse And Assault

Who Is Gracelyn Trimble? Dalvin Cook Accused By Ex Girlfriend For Domestic Abuse And Assault

Dalvin Cook’s ex-girlfriend Gracelyn Trimble reportedly files a lawsuit demanding monetary damages for domestic violence and assault.

Gracelyn Trimble is a U.S Army officer who is best known as the ex-girlfriend of the American footballer Dalvin Cook.

Cook plays as a running back for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL and has been with the club for around 4 years now.

During his time with the Vikings, Cook has managed to make a name for himself through his incredible performances on the field.

However, it is not his game that has brought the player into the headlines this time.

Dalvin is accused by his ex-girlfriend Trimble of domestic abuse and assault as the lady reportedly filed a lawsuit against the athlete claiming for monetary damages.

Who Is Dalvin Cook Ex-Girlfriend Gracelyn Trimble?

Dalvin Cook’s ex-girlfriend Gracelyn Trimble is a 1st class sergeant in the U.S Army.

Cook and Trimble first met each other in Florida in 2018 and quickly got together in a romantic relationship.

But their relationship didn’t last long and underwent some disputes as they walked past some rocky moments.

This eventually led to their separation in November of 2019 when Trimble flew to Minnesota to break up and take her things back, as per Yahoo Sports.

However, things didn’t go as easily as planned.

How Old Is Gracelyn Trimble?

Gracelyn Trimble’s age is 29 years old.

Although the exact birthdate of Dalvin Cook’s ex-girlfriend is not known publically, she is reported to be 29 years old by other sources.

On the other hand, Cook himself is 26 years old so it might be possible that he dated a 3 year older girlfriend.

Anything besides her age is still to be explored.

Gracelyn Trimble Wiki And Instagram Details

Sergeant Gracelyn Trimble doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio.

Similarly, she cannot be found on Instagram as well.

Apparently, no accounts with the name of the lady can be found on the social media platform.

Likewise, any other personal details besides the fact that Trimble is an Army officer are not available on the internet as well.

Gracelyn always maintained a low-key profile and was not majorly covered by the media when she was the girlfriend of Cook as well.

Gracelyn Trimble Abuse Allegations Against Dalvin Cook

Gracelyn Trimble filed a lawsuit against Dalvin Cook for allegations of domestic abuse and assault.

The allegations according to the lawsuit mentions that Cook abused her and used violence when she asked for help while transferring her things from the player’s house.

It happened after the couple had just broken up.

Yahoo Sports clearly mentions all the happenings of that time.

According to it, Cook slung Trimble’s body over the couch and slammed her face against the coffee table.

It caused her forehead and the bridge of her nose to burst open. It further mentions that the player assaulted the lady when she was in a bathroom.

Eventually, she went to Dalvin’s bedroom, grabbed his gun and called her friend.

The next day, Cook took her to the airport and Trimble left the place with bruised hidden by sweatshirt and sunglasses.

There are also reports of exchanged messages after the violence when the athlete apologized for what he did.

On the flip side, Cook’s attorney shared a different view of the incident as he highlighted Trimble as the culprit who broke into his house and used violence.

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