Who Is Harley Himber And Where Is She Now In 2021? Update Today & Everything To Know

Who Is Harley Himber And Where Is She Now In 2021? Update Today & Everything To Know

A Crime Reality Show Jailbird inmates Harley Himber who has been arrested for an attempt to kidnapping. Where is she now in 2021? Find it out.

Jailbirds is a controversial crime reality show broadcasted on Netflix. The show spots light on the real incident-based story.

In the first season of six parts, the lives of females were flashed, which was filmed in Sacramento, Calif. 

Various women were introduced via the crimes they committed which initially landed them in jail, but was more than the sum of their mistakes.

Here, in the second season, the series is filmed in Orleans Justice Center, the city of New Orleans.

In research, it was depicted that the city is deeply troubled as there are a lot of ghosts in that town and a reality television show is merely one of them.

They stated that to pick a favorite cast member in a reality show set in jail felt really strange but they were already fascinated by Harley Himber.

In season 2, they had shown a glimpse of life inside the Orleans Justice Center of a woman playing a fairy sassy game of “Never Have I Ever”.

They have included the clip in the show’s trailer too. The twist starts from there when the entire table cracks up as they realize one of the intimates does not have one of her fingers down. 

Who Is Harley Himber And Where Is She Now In 2021? Update

Harley Himber is one of the inmates in season 2 of Jailbirds cast in Netflix’s controversial crime reality show, who is a 23-years old girl.

The reason bringing up her is kinda interesting. The story is of May 9, 2019, when a 15-years-old boy was walking with his mother at the time, and Harley called him by name even though she did not know him.

She had an intention to kidnap the boy that is why said introduced herself as an FBI agent she worked for the FBI and Secret Service.

She demanded the boy to get into her car, but he refused and got into a different vehicle with family members instead.

She then chased their car and rear-ended twice. She then slammed into them, got out of the car and got undressed, and started to through rocks at a nearby business.

By the time, police arrived and she got arrested but was not very responsive as she had taken drugs. She was taken to the hospital. 

She got charged for attempting to kidnap.

Harley Himber Age and Family

By the time of her arrest, she was 23-years-old. Now, she has become 25.

Her family members have not been revealed to the public.

Their identity is still a mystery.

Meet Harley Himber on Facebook

Harley Himber’s official Facebook account could not be traced out.

She might not be active on the social platform or might be having it private.