Who Is Ian Bailey New Girlfriend Ethna Staunton? Everything On Her Family And NeT Worth

Who Is Ian Bailey New Girlfriend Ethna Staunton? Everything On Her Family And NeT Worth

Ian Bailey has shared details about his new girlfriend Ethna Staunton, a fashion enthusiast. Fans are excited to hear the news and kind of amazed to see Ian Bailey New Girlfriend.

Ethna Staunton, a fashion aficionado, has been dating the primary suspect in Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder for several months.

And, speaking for the first time about their hidden affair last night, she said that she genuinely liked Ian and was extremely happy together. 

She also believes Ian has suffered a horrible injustice.

Who Is Ian Bailey New Girlfriend Ethna Staunton?

Etha Stauton is the current sweetheart of Ian Bailey, the prime suspect in the killing of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

For the last few months, fashion fanatic Ethna Staunton has been dating Ian. It was confirmed when Etha opened about her liking Ian a lot, and they are pleased to find each other.

Ethna, who resides in Mayo, has won several best-dressed lady and hat categories at Irish horse meets, including the Galway races.

Given past Baily’s controversial past, his new girlfriend, those are all false accusations, and Baily was purposely trapped in the charge.

Ian acknowledged the connection but didn’t prefer to speak much about his partner.

The eccentric Englishman, 64, has long denied murdering Sophie. He has also consistently maintained that he never met her.

The French government is still attempting to extradite him to serve a 25-year term for murder after Ethna was found guilty in absentia by a Paris court in 2019.

Ethna Staunton Age And Net Worth Explored

Ethna Stauton’s age isn’t precisely known, but many sites like Irish mirror have shared her in her mid-40s.

Since Etha Stauton has just entered the limelight, her personal information is not shared, such as her net worth.

Since she won many fashion shows, she must have garnered a respectable amount of net worth.

Fashion designers earned a median compensation of $73,790, with the top-earning six figures or more.

We guess Ethba to share near or same the amount of salary annually.

Ethna Staunton Family Details

Ethna Stauton has not had a chance to introduce her family yet as she has just started appearing in the media channels.

We hope we get to know her family soon. If she married Ian Bailey, he would be a potential family member.

Bailey and his 25-year partner, artist Jules Thomas, divorced amicably earlier this year.

He moved out of her house a few kilometers from where French beauty Sophie resided and was savagely assaulted to death in Schull, West Cork, before Christmas 1996.

He is presently renting a property in Glengarriff, a community near the Kerry border.

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