Who Is Jack Dromey Wife Harriet Harman? People Are Very Curious About Her Children

Who Is Jack Dromey Wife Harriet Harman? People Are Very Curious About Her Children

Jack Dromey, British Labour Party politician and labor unionist was married to his wife, Harriet Harman in 1982. Learn more about their life and children here.

Jack Dromey, in full, John Eugene Joseph Dromey, was Deputy General Secretary Of Unite and Member Of Parliament for Birmingham Erdington from 2010 to his sudden death in January 2022.

Jack was born on 4 December 2021 to Irish parents in Brent and was raised in Kilburn, London where he complete his schooling and study. He married his wife in 1983 who is also an MP currently.

After his sudden death, people are curious about the politician’s personal life and his children.

Who is Harriet Harman? Jack Dromey Wife

Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey’s wife is also a British politician and solicitor who has served as the Member Of Parliament for Camberwell and Peckham.

She is also a member of the Labour Party and has served in various cabinet and shadow cabinet positions. She was born in London to a doctor and barrister on 30 July 1950.

Born and raised in London, she studied Politics at the University Of York and later worked in Brent Law Centre. From there, her life took a turning point, and she became one of the important political figures in the UK.

Jack Dromey Children: What Are They Doing?

Jack Dromey and his wife, Harriet Herman are parents to three children including two sons and a daughter.

Their eldest son Harry was born in February 1983, their second son, Joseph was born in 1984, and their only daughter, Amy was born in January 1987.

Their son Joe Dromey is a councilor in the London borough of Lewisham. The couple decided to send their children to selective schools due to the policy of the Labour Party at that time.

Harry was sent to the grant-maintained Roman Catholic London Oratory School and Joseph to the state selective St Olave’s Grammar School, Orrington.

Jack Dromey Sudden Death: What Was The Cause?

Jack Dromey died at the age of 73 on Friday morning in his flat and the cause of his sudden death is believed to be natural.

His family was devasted with the death of him suddenly. Even the whole country was shocked after the loss of a great leader and warrior of the nation.

His family has no idea about his exact cause of death. Although he was quite old, his health was quite well and he was working well. 

His family announced the death of Shadow minister and Labor Party leader this morning and told that he was a much-loved husband, great father, grandfather and will be missed so much

The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson took to Twitter to share his condolences on the death of Dromey.


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