Who Is James Mtume Son Damu Mtume? Family Details To Know About The Late Jazz Musician

Who Is James Mtume Son Damu Mtume? Family Details To Know About The Late Jazz Musician

James Mtume son Damu Mtume, has the same tuning as his father. While the American Jazz musician has passed away at the age of 76, the family is left behind with beautiful memories of him.

James Mtume is most notable for his 1983 song, “Juicy Fruit,” by The Notorious B.I.G. for his first official single in 1994.

He was an all-around musician clever in infusing consciousness into his music and delving creatively into the topics of politics, culture, and art.

Who Is James Mtume Son Damu Mtume?

James Mtume son Damu Mtume has been an interest and concern for American Jazz music fans worldwide. The father and son look-alike duo was once famous on a Facebook post. 

According to his Wikipedia profile, Damu Mtume also works in the music industry as a producer and his sister Fa Mtume.

James was born James Forman in 1946. James grew up in a musical environment with jazz musicians in his parents’ house.

Mtume learned to play piano and percussion, despite having an athletic scholarship for swimming to Pasadena City College in 1966.

Mtume was a rebellion; he joined Hakim Jamal and Maulana Karenga’s U.S. Organization, a Black empowerment group. 

At the same time, he receives his new name, Mtume, which means “messenger” in Swahili.

James contributed significantly to On the CornerBig FunAgharta, and Pangaea. 

Mtume had appeared on many projects with various legendary musicians, including Duke Ellington, Lonnie Liston Smith, Dizzy Gillespie, and Sonny Rollins.

 Who Is James Mtume Wife? Family Details. 

James Mtume wife and mother details of Damu Mtume is not available on the internet. The official Wikipedia page of the musician doesn’t reveal much about his marital partner and relationship.

James has a daughter Fa Mtume who is also in a similar field working as a music producer. 

Mtume’s transition from jazz to R&B master enabled the group, Mtume, to gain fame apart from his peers.

After teaming up with Reggie Lucas, the duo would curate their sound throughout the ’80s, penning such hits as Stephanie Mills’ Grammy-winning “Never Knew Love Like This Before” and Roberta Flack’s “The Closer I Get to You.”

James Mtume Net Worth & Cause Of Death Explored

Being a prominent figure of Jazz music and R&B, James Mtume net worth is estimated to be $7 million. However, according to the initial report, his cause of death is yet to be disclosed. 

In July 2018, James filed a lawsuit against Sony Music/Epic Records to reclaim the rights for two albums.

Mtume claimed to hold the sole copyright of these recordings, while Sony insisted that the albums were made for hire. 

Rest in peace, Mtume!

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