Who Is Jane McDonald’s Ex-Husband Henrik Brixen?

Who Is Jane McDonald’s Ex-Husband Henrik Brixen?

After the recent revelation regarding Jane McDonald not having children with her ex-husband Henrik Brixen, the former couple is trending all over the internet. What is the age of Henrik Brixen? Let’s find out.

Henrik Brixen is the second husband of the award-winning actress-singer and broadcaster, Jane McDonalds. He was the former manager of Jane which became the root for the romance between the two.

Henrik and Brixen got married in the year 1998 and split after 5 years in 2003. The reason for their divorce is said to be Henrik who believed it could save Jane’s career. She revealed, this very fact makes her always have much respect stored for her ex-husband.

So, if you want to know more about Henrik and his personal life, read along. Here’s what we know.

Quick Facts:

Name Henrik Brixen
Age 55-65
Gender Male
Nationality Danish
Profession Former Celebrity Manager

Henrik Brixen Age

Jane McDonald’s ex-husband, Henrik Brixen’s age seems to be around 55-65 years old. However, the exact age and date of birth of Brixen are not known as of now.

Similarly, his zodiac sign also cannot be assumed.

Henrik Brixen Net Worth And Family

The net worth of Henrik Brixen is now known. There are no significant sources of income for Henrik to actually be able to assume his net worth.

However, he seems to have earned decent enough as a celebrity manager in the initial phase of his career.

Talking about Henrik’s family, it’s under the shadow. he has never really mentioned anything regarding his current family. This might be due to privacy reasons.

Where is Henrik Brixen Today? Is He Married?

There is no information regarding the existence of Henrik Brixen in 2021. he seems to be under the rock and enjoying his private life.

Likewise, his marital status after Jane is also not available for the netizens. He has been successful in keeping his personal information away from the media and public.

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