Who Is Jaxjn02? Meet Sabina Nessa Sister On Instagram

Who Is Jaxjn02? Meet Sabina Nessa Sister On Instagram

Sabina Nessa’s sister goes by the username @Jaxjn02 on Twitter, but she has not revealed her name yet. 

Jaxjn02 has been identified as the sister of late Sabina Nessa. her actual name has not come to the surface yet but we have found her Twitter handle where she is very active and sharing the progress of Sabina’s death investigation. 

Sabina was murdered and her dead body was found near OneSpace community center at Kidbrooke Park Road in Royal Borough of Greenwich on Saturday, September 18, 2021. 

She was a grade one teacher at Rushey Green Primary School in southeast London. Her school headmistress claims, she was a very dedicated personality and had qualities such as caring and loving. 

Let us learn more about Sabina Nessa’s sister and take a closer look at her age and her real name. 

Who Is Jaxjn02? Sabina Nessa Sister

Jaxjn02 has been identified as Sabina Nessa’s sister. 

Sabina’s sister has expressed the loss of her sister through her Twitter in an emotional tweet. 

Jaxjn02 writes, “my beautiful talented & caring sister❤️my inspiration to always put myself first & never let anybody put me down💗never in my life did I or my sisters or my mum or dad think this could happen to us. May Allah grant her Jannah🤍Ameen #SabinaNessa.”

She must be devastated to learn the news of her sister’s death and we pray to God to provide Jaxjn02 all the strength she needs to overcome these hard times. 

What Is Jaxjn02 Age? 

Jaxjn02 seems to fall into the age group of 25-30 years old as of September 2021. 

However, information about her actual age has not come to the surface along with her actual date of birth. 

Due to the lack of information about her actual date of birth, the zodiac sign has also not come to the surface yet, and making predictions about her personality is also possible as of now. 

Jaxjn02’s sister Sabina age was 28 years old when she died in September 2021. 

Is Jaxjn02 On Instagram?

Jaxjn02’s verified Instagram account has not come to the surface yet. 

But she is very active on Twitter, under her username @jaxjn02. 

She has been actively posting about the progress of her sister’s murder investigation and is hailing the community to help find the murderer. 

Meet Jaxjn02 Family: Religion Explored

Jaxjn02’s family must be devastated after losing one of its members. 

Her father works at a local Indian restaurant as a chef and he is regarded as a very friendly and helpful personality by his neighbors. 

Information about her mother has not come to the surface yet, she must be having a difficult time digesting the news of her daughter’s death. 

Jaxjn02 must be a follower of the Islam religion. As she has prayed to Allah to take care of the departed soul through her Twitter handle. 

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