NFL: Who Is Jay Barker First Wife Amy DiGiovanna? Former Alabama QB Arrested Over Aggravated Assault

NFL: Who Is Jay Barker First Wife Amy DiGiovanna? Former Alabama QB Arrested Over Aggravated Assault

Former NFL quarterback Jay Barker’s first marriage to his first wife Amy DiGiovanna did not lasted long even after conceiving 4 kids. Here is everything about Jay’s first wife. 

Jay Barker is a former professional American football quarterback who now works as a radio presenter in Birmingham.

Jay is on the well-known Football Player list. Drew Bledsoe, the Patriots quarterback, was his teammate.

However, currently, Jay is on the headlines not because of his past NFL career, but instead because of his arrest over an assault. 

Jay Barker, a former Alabama quarterback, and radio presenter was arrested and charged with assault in Nashville on Saturday after reportedly attempting to strike his wife, country music star Sara Evans, with his vehicle.

Barker is now being jailed in Davidson County on a $10,000 bail for aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

His full name is Harry Jerome Barker, according to his jail booking report.

NFL: Who Is Jay Barker First Wife Amy DiGiovanna? 

Jay Barker got married to his first wife Amy DiGiovanna in 1995. 

The couple first seemed to be in a happy relationship, but later found out that it might not last much. 

So after some years in 2007, Jay and Amy got divorced due to an undisclosed reason. 

But many of the media and fans have theories that Jay and his current wife Sara were having an affair for a very long time. 

Sara also got divorced from her husband in the same year in 2007 and soon married jay in 2008. 

So we can say that there could become a connection between Jay and Sara earlier, however, none of them have made any comment on this. 

For now, Jay has been married to his second wife Sara, but it seems that it might also not last much, due to the recent incident of assault. 

Jay Barker Kids And Net Worth Explored

Jay Barker is the father of 7 kids in total with his ex-wife Amy DiGiovanna and his current wife Sara Evans. 

Jay had 4 children from his first wife Amy. 

The name of the 4 children from his first wife were Andrew (born 1999), Braxton (born 2000), and twins Harrison and Sarah Ashlee (born September 10, 2001).

In 2008, Jay married for the second time, Sara Evans.

With his four children from Sara named, Avery Jack (born August 21, 1999) and Olivia Margaret (born January 22, 2003), and Audrey Elizabeth (born January 22, 2003), (born October 6, 2004).

Jay resides in Mountain Brook, Alabama, a Birmingham suburb.

Where Is Jay Barker Now? 

Jay Barker is currently in custody due to his charges and the assault he had recently conducted. 

According to Davidson County Sheriff’s Office records, Barker was placed on a 12-hour hold for domestic violence.

As of now Barker and Evans have now planning to separate due to the recent affidavit. 

As of now, the future investigation about the matter is still going under, and if the incident seemed to be true, then Jay could serve a sentence in prison also. 

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Last Modified: January 16, 2022

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