Who Is Jeff Dabe? 10 Facts On The Real Life ‘Popeye’

Who Is Jeff Dabe? 10 Facts On The Real Life ‘Popeye’

Was your childhood wrapped in watching the cartoon “Popeye the Sailor Man”?

If you remember, the cartoon’s main character Popeye had big forearms. Don’t be surprised to know Jeff Dabe is known as Popeye in real life. 

Furthermore, Jeff has similar forearms from the very moment of his birth, which were obviously unusually large for a baby. However, winning on his abnormality, he made it his strength thriving as an arm wrestler professionally.

Quick Facts:

Name Jeff Dabe
Age 57 Years Old
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 113 Kg
Nationality American
Profession Arm Wrestler
Married/Single Married
Wife Gina
Children 3
Instagram @jeffdabe

10 Facts On Jeff Dabe

  1. Jeff Dabe is a popular arm wrestler, who earned respect in the field despite his abnormally large-sized forearms. Continuously thriving as an arm wrestler, he has also posed for many shows alongside big names.
  2. Moreover, Jeff Dabe is 57 years old at present. But, he is still energetic enough to maintain his fitness.
  3. Jeff Dabe, known by his alias Popeye or Anaconda, has huge noticeable hands. And, he had these large arms and hands since the day he was born. The reason behind it is still unknown to the media.
  4. Regarding his online presence, Jeff Dabe has over 60k Instagram followers.
  5. Furthermore, he hasn’t been featured on Wikipedia. Hopefully, this page has provided you all the possible details about him.
  6. Talking about Jeff’s hand size, his large arms are 19 inches and his shockingly huge fingers are 4.78 inches according to sources. Moreover, he needs a wedding ring of size 38, which is obviously the largest ever made.
  7. Furthermore, he dominated the world arm-wrestling league in 2014, becoming a finalist. In addition, he also won 3rd position in the category of left-hand in WAL 2015’s northern region.
  8. Real-life Popeye Jeff stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 9 inches and has maintained a weight of 113 Kg.
  9. Regarding his married life, Jeff Dabe has a wife named Gina. We don’t know their marriage date as of now.
  10. He has 3 children but their names are unknown.

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