Who Is Jelani Day Father Dapper Dan Aka Daniel Day? Everything On His Kids And More

Who Is Jelani Day Father Dapper Dan Aka Daniel Day? Everything On His Kids And More

American fashion designer Dapper Dan is the father of entrepreneur Jelani Day. Here is everything you need to know about Dapper and his personal life. 

Daniel Day, professionally recognized as Dapper Dan, is an American fashion designer and haberdasher who currently resides and works in New York, United States.

The contribution of his store Dapper Dan’s Boutique played a big part in the reign of new fashion trends in hip-hop during the 1980s and 90s.

Hence, he has a great reputation in the public when it comes to fashion and style. Indeed, many renowned people singers and rappers like Jay-Z, LL Cool J, and others are his clients.

While a few people are confused with the fact that he is the father of Jelani Day, the missing boy from Illinois, we are here to make it clear that he is not.

He is the father of Jelani Day, but not the student from Illinois, but business personnel. Let’s find out more about him.

Who Is Jelani Day Father Dapper Dan Aka Daniel Day?

Dapper Dan is the father of a young entrepreneur and business personality named Jelani Day.

Jelani claims that he is an entrepreneur and he also handles a lot of work in his father’s companies.

Indeed, he is the EVP and brand manager for his dad and he also looks after Dapper Dan’s Atelier, which is a clothing brand.

Talking about them as family members, we do not precisely know who his mother is.

Well, there is not much information on how many times Dapper has gotten married, but we do know that he has 8 children with 7 different women.

Jelani is one of those, but who his mother is, out of those 7 women, is not a thing available to the public yet.

How Old Is Dapper Dan? Age Revealed

The age of fashion designer Dapper Dan is 77 years old.

He was born on August 8, 1944, in Harlem, New York, United States. Dan started getting into the clothing business when he was already 30 years old.

Indeed, he even shoplifted several clothing items and sold them from the trunk of his car, in the earlier days.

Dapper Dan Wife: Who Is He Married To?

There is currently no information regarding who his wife is and who has he been married to.

Indeed, it is not even known if he is currently married or just single. Well, we did mention that he has been with 7 women and has given to 8 children with them.

He might have married them or he might have not, we have no idea about this matter yet. Or, he might have married a few of them and others might just be his baby mamas.

Dapper Dan Family And Kids Details

Dapper Dan’s family consists of his 8 kids, and probably his grandkids too if his kids have children.

His 8 children are William Long, Daniel Day Jr., Danique Day, Aisha Day, Danielle Day, Malik Day, Tiffany White, and Jelani Day.

As mentioned several times earlier, we do not know who the mothers of these 7 kids are, so there is nothing more about her family.

Dapper Dan Net Worth Explored

Dapper Dan has an estimated net worth of about $3 million.

As a renowned fashion designer and haberdasher who has decades of experience and fame, dapper has surely gathered a net worth of about three million dollars.