Who Is Jenny Li? Everything On NYPD Officer Yvonne Wu’s Ex Girlfriend

Who Is Jenny Li? Everything On NYPD Officer Yvonne Wu’s Ex Girlfriend

NYPD officer Yvonne Wu’s ex-girlfriend Jenny Li was shot alongside another woman by the cop at midnight.

Jenny Li is the reported ex-girlfriend of the NYPD officer Yvonne Wu who was shot by the officer.

Wu, who was off-duty during the midnight, went to her ex-girlfriend house in Brooklyn and shot her alongside her new lover, reports New York Post.

This incident quickly caught the headlines as the arrest was publicly made from the murder place.

Following the arrest, the investigators revealed about treating it as a homicide case and further explained other details about the incident.

All that headlines have eventually brought the limelight towards the shot ex-girlfriend of officer Wu, Jenny Li.

Continue reading to get to know more about Jenny Li and the incident in detail.

Who Is Jenny Li? Know About NYPD Officer Yvonne Wu Ex Girlfriend

Jenny Li is the reported ex-girlfriend of Yonne Wu who was shot by the officer inside her house.

Apparently, Wu and Li dated for two years and broke up only around three weeks ago.

Seeing her ex-girlfriend of two years with another lover in such a short time might have triggered the anger inside of Yvonne to do such a thing.

Besides this, any professional details about Li are yet to be disclosed to the media as the investigators have prioritized her privacy.

How Old Is Jenny Li?

Yvonne Wu’s ex-girlfriend Jenny Li’s age is 23 years old.

The sources while reporting the incident have revealed the shot ex-girlfriend of Wu, Jenny Li being 23 years old.

However, her exact birth date and other age details are not known to the media to this point, since she was not previously covered by the media.

Jenny Li Facebook Photos

A few photos of Jenny Li has been shared on Facebook and other social media profiles which you can see above.

The same picture has also been shared on Twitter as the incident is getting a lot of attention on social media.

Likewise, a profile by the same name as Jenny Li has been found both on Facebook and LinkedIn, which reveals the lady being a product manager at Facebook.

However, it is not confirmed if the found profile is the same Li that is involved in this case.

Jenny Li Shot By Yvonne Wu: What Actually Happened?

The NYPD officer Yvonne Wu shot her ex-girlfriend Jenny Li after she found Li with another lover.

The incident reportedly took place in a house based in Brooklyn where Wu was already inside before the victim couple arrived, as per NY Post.

When Li arrived at the house, the officer was waiting in her bedroom and eventually shot her in the torso, leaving her lying unconscious on the ground.

Likewise, when the police officials arrived at the scene, they found Yvonne standing at the front gate of the house.

As they checked the inside, another body of the 24-year-old lover of Jenny Li, Jamie Liang was found in the living room.

Both the wounded were quickly rushed to the hospital but Liang couldn’t be saved whereas Li is undergoing serious treatment and is expected to survive.