Who Is Jess Hilarious Baby Daddy Gerome? All About Her Boyfriend 2021 & Transgender Rumor

Who Is Jess Hilarious Baby Daddy Gerome? All About Her Boyfriend 2021 & Transgender Rumor

Jess Hilarious’s son Ashton Amar James is 9 years old now but the identity of her baby daddy is still a mystery. Here is everything you need to know about her. 

Jessica Moore, widely recognized as Jess Hilarious is an American stand-up comedian and media personality who is popular for her quality content. 

She became famous with her videos which she sued to upload on her Instagram videos. Indeed, her starting performances were her Instagram clips. 

However, she successfully made her career even brighter and got on stage from just a social media entertainer to an official comedian. 

Her involvement in the renowned show Wild N Out gave her career an even bigger boost, but she did not stay there for very long. 

She became a part of Wild N Out for 2 seasons and then quit, again to rejoin after 5 years for a season. 

Well, now she has numerous shows and performances across the united states and you can find more information about that on her website

Who Is Jess Hilarious Baby Daddy Gerome?

Jess Hilarious sure does have a baby daddy, but there is nothing we know about who the man is. 

Well, there are a few sources on the internet who claim that her baby daddy’s name is Rommie J, whereas some claim he is called Gerome. 

However, we do know that none of this might be true because Jess has never mentioned who he is. 

Well, it is not like she has never mentioned him at all, she used his baby daddy for making some comedy content. But his identity or his appearance is not used by her anywhere. 

Her baby, son Ashton Amar James became 9 years old this April, but Jess has successfully managed to keep her baby father away from people. 

She said in a video that he always calls her, every week, but we are unsure if what she said is real or just something she made up for a comedy session. 

Meet Jess Hilarious New Boyfriend In 2021

Jess Hilarious is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Parsons. 

Jess and Daniel have been together for over 8 months now, but they have known each other for an even longer period of time. 

Indeed, they first met each other in the year 2017, but they did not date each other for 4 years. 

Well, it might be because she was already in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Chris, who was found cheating on her by one of her fans. 

Now, Jess and her boyfriend Daniel are also seen in quite a few shows and they’re surely a real thing. 

Jess Hilarious Age: How Old Is The Comedian?

The age of the comedian Jess Hilarious is 29 years old. 

She was born on February 13, 1992, in Baltimore, Maryland, and she has living there since then. 

Well, she does travel for her shows, but her permanent residence, along with her current boyfriend’s, is in Baltimore. 

Jess Hilarious Transgender: Is She A Man?

Getting straight into the point, the answer is No, Jess Hilarious is not a man and she is not transgender. 

She is a straight female born as a woman and it seems obvious because she has a baby boy who she gave birth to, by herself. 

Well, she has done some sessions on Transgender people, homosexuality, and the LGBTQ community, with some of them not going in the right now, but she is cisgender. 

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