Who Is Jess Ingham? 10 Facts To Know About The ‘Chicken Heiress’

Who Is Jess Ingham? 10 Facts To Know About The ‘Chicken Heiress’

Jess Ingham is an Australian socialite known best as Chicken Heiress. She is the granddaughter of late Jack Ingham who was the brother of billionaire Bob Ingham. The Ingham Family is known for their chicken farm franchise which unfortunately was sold in 2013 for nearly a billion dollars.

Having born in a billionaire family, Jess Ingham has always been in the limelight of society and news. Jess is followed by a number of Sydney publicist at events she attends. 

Quick Facts:

Name Jess Ingham
Age 30-40
Gender Female
Nationality Austrailian
Profession Businesswoman
Married/Single Engaged (Roger Zraika)
Children 1
Divorce Alex Macris
Instagram @jessingham

Jess Ingham has been in the news not for her achievements but her relationships, lavish weddings, her lifestyle, and friendships. However, Jess Ingham has been a treat to watch for Australians on her social media accounts.

10 Facts On Jess Ingham

  1. Jess Ingham was born and raised in a billionaire family in Sydney, Australia by her parents.
  2. Chicken heiress seems to be in her mid-thirties but we are unknown about her birthdate and exact age for now.
  3. Jess Ingham’s family is one of the richest families in Australia as per Forbes magazine. The family holds a net worth of $745 million.
  4. Jess is the granddaughter of Jack Ingham. Names of her father and mother are not yet available on public platforms.
  5. Having around 8K followers on Instagram, Jess Ingham still lacks a Wikipedia bio.
  6. Are Jess Ingham and Roxy Jacenko still friends? Roxy Jacenko is another socialite of Sydney. As per Daily Mail available, Jess Ingham has not yet confirmed their state of friendship but Roxy is very much clear she has nothing to do with Jess.
  7. Coming to her relationship status, Jess Ingham was married to Alex Macris but they split in 2018 after 4 years of marriage.
  8. Jess Ingham is the mother of a baby girl named Mimi.
  9. At present, Jess Ingham is engaged to Roger Zraika who is her long-time boyfriend.
  10. In November 2013, Jess Ingham married Alex. They spend almost $500 thousand on reception.

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