Who Is Jessica Fuentes From Norwalk Connecticut? Details On Racist TikTok Video And Daughter

Who Is Jessica Fuentes From Norwalk Connecticut? Details On Racist TikTok Video And Daughter

Jessica Fuentes a social media personality is aged 40, Was she arrested in Norwalk CT? Find out.

Jessica Fuentes is a social media personality who is popularly renowned as a ‘racist Karen’.

The internet is filled up with the news that Jessica has been arrested for a Racist TikTok video.

The video is trending on social media and Jessica is under fire for all the comments that arrived on the video.

She had made some racist remarks to a Hispanic guy.

Jessica Fuentes Racist TikTok Video Explained 

Recently a video of Jessica is getting viral on TikTok where she shouts and says it is rude to take other’s pictures. She adds that the boy is Mexican and he should go back to his country.

She is seen as being racist over there as she uses various racial slanders. 

She was aggressively yelling at a boy, who continuously been recording her. 

The boy thought Jessica was going to strike his vehicle which is why he kept on recording her.

Jessica can be clearly heard saying statements like, “You are Mexican”, “You are illegal”, and “that is against the law”. She even added that the boy does not know how to speak English which sounds very rude and terrifying.

After the incident, the video got posted and people started calling her ‘Racist Karen’.

Who Is Jessica Fuentes Daughter? 

Jessica Fuentes has got a daughter named Jallisa Velazquez.

Jessica alongside her daughter was previously been arrested for a mall fight.

The victim had stated that both the mother and daughter punched them to the ground. 

Eventually, they were charged with third-degree assault. Here it is convinced that this is not the first legal case of Jessica.

Is The Norwalk CT Woman Jessica Fuentes Arrested?

To date, Jessica Fuentes has not been arrested for the case.

No reports have been published regarding the incident. The officials are currently investigating over it.

So, for now, it cannot be said whether she will be arrested or freed.

Nevertheless, she was previously been arrested and charged with third-degree assault.

How Old Is Jessica Fuentes? Age Revealed

Jessica Fuentes, known as ‘racist Karen’ right after the publishing of the TikTok video is a 40 years old woman.

As she has presented herself in the video, she has not been seen as a good woman.

Instead, She represented herself as a racist, who does not like people from other countries and also dominates them which is totally an inhuman activity.