Who Is Jim Sterling Wife? Everything On His Net Worth And More

Who Is Jim Sterling Wife? Everything On His Net Worth And More

Fans are curious about Jim Sterling’s wife after the YouTuber came out as a non-binary person. Let us discover more about the internet persona.

Jim Sterling is a freelance video game journalist, critic, and pundit. They are also a professional wrestler as well as social media personalities, precisely a YouTuber.

Sterling was raised in an abusive household. They spent most of their childhood under the poverty line suppressing their needs and desires.

Jim rose to fame after they began presenting The Jimquisition on YouTube. It is a weekly video series that talks and critics about video games and their industry.

Sterling was previously featured on YouTube channels like Destructoid and The Escapist. However, they left the channels after they refused to post negative reviews about video games.

Jim has also been in controversies for being sued by Digital Homicide Studios in a lawsuit of $10M. In return, they accused the company which was later dismissed by prejudice.  

Complex named Sterling as one of ‘the 25 raddest (most awesome) game journalists to follow on Twitter’.

Who Is Jim Sterling’s Wife? Married Life Explored

Rumors say that Jim Sterling has married an amazing woman whom they call their wife.

However, they have not revealed anything regarding their love life. They have kept the details of their partner under wraps.

Also, none of the photos of Jim and their spouse are found on the web. But sometimes Jim can be seen wrapped around in the arms of a fellow star, Phoenix Becky Toothill.

What Is Jim Sterling Age?

As of November 2021, Jim Sterling is 37 years old.

They were born in the year 1984 in Erith, London. Moreover, they celebrate their birthday on the 1st of January and have a sun sign of Capricorn.

Jim suffered abuse from their mother’s lover in childhood. Due to that, they were diagnosed with bipolar type 2 and complex PTSD in their adult life.

Sterling migrated to the US a long time back. They have British ethnicity but gained naturalized American citizenship in 2020.

Discover Jim Sterling Net Worth In 2021

Jim Sterling netted their worth of millions of dollars.

They did so by their career as a video game critic and pundit. Previously, they served as the editor for Destructoid and author for The Escapist.

As of now, Sterling is a freelancer and is working independently. They earn a heavy paycheck from their YouTube channel and other works.

Is Jim Sterling Trans? Find The YouTuber’s Pronouns

Jim Sterling is a trans as revealed in the show, Jimquisition.  

The YouTuber came out as non-binary in 2020 and are openly pansexual and queer. It means Jim is neither male nor a female.

Moreover, Sterling is neither monogamous nor straight. Thus, Jim uses pronouns like they and themselves.

Meet Jim On Instagram And YouTube

Jim Sterling has a self-titled YouTube channel.

They have amassed above 854K subscribers. They review video games and critique them genuinely from their videos.  

Besides, Sterling is active on Instagram and Twitter too.

They appear as @jimquisiton on IG and have 10.4K fans. Likewise, they have a Twitter handle by the username of @jimsterling where they are followed by 243K people. 

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