Who Is Jolene Macintyre? Bad Chad Customs Wife -Meet Her On Instagram

Who Is Jolene Macintyre? Bad Chad Customs Wife -Meet Her On Instagram

Jolene Macintyre is the fiancee of Chad Hiltz, better known as Badchad, a well-known automobile constructor. People are questioning if they are married and whether she is his wife.

Chad Hitz has been able to turn his lifelong passion for customizing autos into a sizable fortune. Chad is the star of the reality show Bad Chad Customs.

Using his exceptional inventiveness, which he draws from his deepest desires, Chad and his girlfriend, Jolene, transform seemingly trivial materials into remarkable, low-budget custom and award-winning autos.

Who Is Jolene Macintyre?

Jolene Hiltz is best known for being Chad Hiltz’s fiancee. She was born in 1989 in Centreville, Nova Scotia. Chad proposed to Jolene on August 12, 2017, and she accepted straight away. 

After graduating from high school, Jolene obtained a commerce degree in finance from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada. In addition, Macintyre was a midfielder and soccer player for the SMU Huskies while at St. Mary’s University.

For a time, Jolene worked as a supervisor at a golf facility in Centreville. Moreover, she worked as a waitress in a New Minas pool club. But, her life changed for the better after meeting Chad Hiltz at the Annual Rockability Weekend Car Show.

Jolene and her fiancee, Chad, are the owners of Hiltz Auto Company, which they co-own. Jolene joined Green Goblin Customs to run the business in her way, building on her educational background and automotive skills.

As we’ve seen, Jolene isn’t afraid to assist Chad and get her hands dirty now and then.

Jolene Macintyre Age -How Old Is She?

According to realitytitbit, Jolene MacIntyre, born in 1989, will be 32 years old in 2021. Jolene’s exact date of birth, however, has yet to be established.

Bad Chad is notorious for building cars out of scrap metal and everyday household things. As a result, they are more equivalent to one-of-a-kind works of art that you won’t find anywhere else, even though they are practical automobiles.

The couple, on the other hand, has been engaged for nearly four years. The couple hasn’t tied the knot yet. And his admirers are eagerly anticipating their wedding, which will show on their show, Bad Chad Customs.

Chad and Jolene aren’t affluent, but they have the resourcefulness and determination to accomplish extraordinary things.

Bad Chad Customs Wife -Meet Her On Instagram 

You can follow Jolene on Instagram to know her more and see all her adorable couple photos with Bad Chad.

It’s no wonder that Jolene has a large fan base, given her popularity on the show. Jolene has almost 26.6k followers on Instagram as of this writing, and she’s still growing! Jolene’s Twitter handle is @___jolene.

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