Who is Jonathan Galindo From TikTok? Blue Whale Challenge Trend

Who is Jonathan Galindo From TikTok? Blue Whale Challenge Trend

Who is Jonathan Galindo From TikTok: Is Jonathangalindo a initiator of Blue Whale Challenge Trend?

Jonathan Galindo is a TikTok user who hasn’t revealed any of his personal details on social media.

Quick Facts:
Name Jonathan Galindo
Profession TikTok User
Married/Single Single
Tiktok @jonathangalindo54

In fact, he hasn’t yet shown his real face. However, he is supposed to be the one who introduced the scary Blue Whale Challenge on TikTok.

What is Blue Whale TikTok Challenge or Trend? Meaning Explained

Blue whale TikTok challenge or trend is an ordered string of 50 challenges. And, the last challenge says to commit suicide. It’s a scary TikTok trend that destroyed many TikTok users’ life.

Apparently, the people who accepted this challenge had to harm themselves in the end. That’s why this challenge was later taken down on all the social media platforms.

Read further to know about the one who started this disgusting trend.

10 Facts About Jonathan Galindo

  1. Jonathan Galindo is reportedly the beginner of the dangerous TikTok challenge, Blue Whale Challenge.
  2. Anything about his bio isn’t available on the internet. However, he became infamous last year for introducing a scary trend that harmed many people.
  3. Lately, we have heard a similar challenge as the Blue Whale Challenge came back. And, people need to aware of it. 
  4. Jonathan Galindo aka jonathangalindo uses TikTok, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc to spread this nasty game and ask people to join the game or challenge.
  5. He hasn’t even revealed how he looks in real. His TikTok profile is of a man who has painted his face like a dog.
  6. As a matter of fact, he created his TikTok account in 2019 and posted the first video the same year.
  7. Currently, the anonymous TikTok user, Jonathan Galindo has more than 15 thousand followers. He amasses over 37K likes on his TikTok videos.
  8. After people started committing suicide due to the blue whale challenge, TikTok deleted all the videos which were linked to the challenge.
  9. He hasn’t yet revealed his identity.
  10. However, he uses fake social media accounts to bait people.


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