Who Is Josiya Sincere Moffett? Natisha Moffett Son-Everything To Know

Who Is Josiya Sincere Moffett? Natisha Moffett Son-Everything To Know

An Arizona Fourth of July horrible crash resulted in the death of Josiya Sincere Moffett along with his four siblings and mother Natisha Moffett. What happened?

Josiya Sincere Moffett aka Jo’Syia Moffett is one of five victims who fell prey to the horrible car crash that took place on July 2, 2021.

Josiya, his mother Natisha Moffett, and his four other siblings were traveling to California by road to celebrate the 4th of July, as per Fox 17.

However, unbeknownst to them, the trip turned out to be their last trip as a semi-truck collided into their car an hour west of Phoenix.

Who Is Josiya Sincere Moffett? Natisha Moffett Son

Josiya Sincere Moffett, age 17, was the eldest son of Natisha Moffett.

He had started a new job right before the car crash took place. He lived in Phoenix, Arizona, with his family.

Moffett was traveling to San Diego, California, with his family sans his father. His mother’s best friend Ahlain and her four kids were also traveling with them but in a separate car.

Josiya died at the scene. His mother and four siblings ages ranging from 5 to 17 were also pronounced dead on the scene. Natisha’s friend and her kids were injured and admitted to the hospital.

Meet Josiya Sincere Moffett Family

Josiya Sincere Moffett’s family was utterly devastated following their deaths.

His mother, Natisha Moffett was a 35-year-old cosmetologist from Grand Rapids. She moved to Arizona after her friend convinced her to practice cosmetology.

She was married to Malik Thomas-Blakney, her husband of eight years and the father of three of the children.

Besides Josiya, her other children were Giovanni Thomas-Blakney, 16, Santari Witherspoon, 16, Malik Thomas-Blakney Jr., 8, and Makayla Thomas Blakney, 5.

Josiya’s youngest sister Makayla had just finished pre-kindergarten.

His grandfather, Ynes Morrow, described his daughter Natisha as a beautiful person inside and out.

Satin Abernathy, his sister, said it’s unreal. They were traveling to celebrate the 4th of July and for it to end like that was anti-climatic. She requested others to love one’s family, kids, and spouses while they’re still with you.

His father was still in shock and said he was already missing his family.

The family started a GoFundMe page to raise money for their funeral. They raised $89,781 for the funeral.

Josiya Sincere Moffett Car Accident

Josiya Sincere Moffett was traveling in a car with his mother, siblings, his mother’s friend, and her kids.

They made a pit stop after his mother’s friend, Ahlain’s car broke down. Natisha stopped to change her tires and they took off again.

However, the car lost control after some time and took a sharp u-turn. They were traveling on Interstate 10 near Tonopah when a tractor-trailer smashed into both of the cars.

Natisha and her five children died immediately in the collision. Her friend and her four kids were admitted to the hospital.

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