Who Is Judge Silvana Saguto From Vendetta Netflix And Where Is She Now In 2021?

Who Is Judge Silvana Saguto From Vendetta Netflix And Where Is She Now In 2021?

Despite judge Silvana Saguto’s absence on Wikipedia, her professional work has led her to have news coverage on various web portals.

Silvana Saguto is a Judge on Vendetta Documentary on Netflix.

Netflix’s original docu-series The Vendetta, the truth lies, and the mafia, has premiered on the 24th of September. The drama revolves around a journalist and judge who accuses each other of managing and supporting confiscated mafia property. 

And, the question is who is actually telling the truth? Who is naive here? Find out in the 2021 docuseries.

Who Is Silvana Saguto? Wikipedia And Age

Silvana Saguto is an anti-mafia judge.

Although not Wikipedia, she has a LinkedIn. According to her LinkedIn, she engages as a Magistrate at the Ministry of Justice in Italy. As found on the web, she previously served as the magistrate of the Court of Palermo. And later, in 1981, she took a decision to become a judge.

In 1993, she is known for her role as a deputy judge during the Italian mobster Toto Riina murder case which took place in the early 90s. 

Coming on to Silvana Saguto’s age, she seems to be above 50 years old as judged by her pictures. This does not depict an accurate age and the actual data may vary. 

We are unknown about her real age as her date of birth or information regarding her age remains yet to be explored.

Silvana Saguto Wife/Husband: Is She Married?  

Silvana Saguto is married and the beloved wife of Lorenzo Caramma.

They have been married for years and the judge shares three children with her husband Lorenzo. 

Where Is Vendetta Silvana Saguto Now In 2021? 

In 2021, Vendetta’s Silvana Saguto seems to be in Italy now.

Actually, she is not available on social media and does not own an individual Instagram, Twitter, etc. so updated information about her is unknown. 

As per Tassco, Silvana was found to be held accountable for corruption, fake public paperwork, and energy and power abuse in October 2020. It is also learned that after the High Court handed her sentence, she can be send off to jail for her involvement in criminal activities and misuse of her power.

It could also be possible that the judge is behind bars at present for her wrongdoings. Similarly, about her husband, for his involvement, Lorenzo also additionally received jail phrases.

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