Who Is Kalika Moquin? Everything On Her Age, Instagram And Wiki Bio

Who Is Kalika Moquin? Everything On Her Age, Instagram And Wiki Bio

Kalika Moquin is one of the former mistresses of the famous golfer, Tiger Woods. The golf champ was alleged by several women for his connection with them.

Kalika Moquin was the third alleged mistress of Tiger Woods. Today, Kalika is a well-established entrepreneur in society.

Quick Facts:

Name Kalika Moquin
Age 30-40
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur
Married/Single Married
Children 2
Instagram @kalikamoquin

10 Facts About Kalika Moquin

  1. The details about the birthday, age, and early days of Kalika Moquin is not revealed to the media. As per a few news websites on the social platform, it seems she is in her late thirties. 
  2. Although there was a huge buzz about the news of Kalika Moquin and Tiger Woods in early 2009, the matter is now under the curtain. She has started her new life and can be seen on her Instagram account. 
  3. There is no Wikipedia profile for Kalika Moquin at the moment. There are also very few websites that reveal the information related to her. 
  4. Kalika was working as a nightclub executive for the Bank nightclub in Las Vegas. It is reported she met Tiger Woods at the same nightclub. 
  5. Although there were various allegations against Kalika and Tiger, she remained quiet and did not justify her aspect to the reports. The US Magazine also mentioned Kanika denying the fact that she was Woods’ mistress. 
  6. Some websites mentioned that Tiger hooked up with Moquine several times in a £3,600-a-night three-bed villa at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.
  7. It is also revealed the relationship between Woods and Moquine was mutual and filled with love. The golf champion was also ready to leave his wife for Kaalika in a flash. 
  8. Unlike the other mistresses of Tiger Wood, Moquine did not brag about the matter for her part. She remained away from the eye of the public since the resolution appeared. 
  9. At present, Moquin is living a happily married life. Although her husband’s details are not available for now, one can see she has moved ahead. The couple is blessed with two kids.
  10. Moquin founded her own company Blackout Artists, where she manages DJs. She is living a healthy and prosperous life leaving behind the ugly amour. 

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