Who Is Katie Griggs aka Guru Jagat? RA MA Institute Founder Death Hoax- Is She Dead Or Alive?

Who Is Katie Griggs aka Guru Jagat? RA MA Institute Founder Death Hoax- Is She Dead Or Alive?

Katie Griggs aka Guru Jagat has passed away at the age of 40 years old. What is her cause of death?

Katie Griggs, prominently known as Guru Jagat, was an instructor, educator, and entrepreneur. 

She established the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology in Venice Beach in 2013.

The RA MA institute soon gained the attention of not just local people, but of celebrities such as Demi Moore, Jennifer Anniston, and Kate Hudson. 

Its products and concepts gave a new definition to the wellness industry.

Amidst the growing popularity, Katie stood as the center of attention.

She was a Kundalini teacher, who used the combination of ancient knowledge and digital technology to attract a loyal group of followers.  

Who Is Katie Griggs Aka Guru Jagat?- Wikipedia Bio

Katie Griggs was a Kundalini teacher, educator, and public speaker.

She discovered the yoga practice around eighteen years ago and studied yoga under Yogi Bhajan. 

Katie was an influential person and managed to help man person from her spiritual beliefs and methods. 

She launched a new media platform, RA MA Tv, to make Kundalini Yoga and the yogic lifestyle more accessible. 

Furthermore, Ms. Griggs also created an indie yoga-music label RA MA Records, Volume 1 and Volume 2. The label comprises powerful mantras and contemporary chants.

She opened the second branch of the RA MA Institute in Boulder and has organized numerous workshops and retreats all over the world including India, Egypt, and more.

Griggs was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. She was raised by a single mother among East Coast spiritual communities. 

It gave her the opportunity to learn a range of New Age modalities, from Reiki to transcendental meditation. 

Guru Jagat Death Hoax- Is Katie Griggs Dead Or Alive?

Guru Jagat aka Katie Griggs is dead. 

She passed away on August 2, 2021, of complications from pulmonary embolism, a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs. 

Following the news of her death, many of her followers have expressed their sadness and shock at her sudden demise on social media. 

Our prayers are with her family at this difficult time. 

Katie Griggs Husband- Who Was Guru Jagat Married To?

Katie Griggs aka Guru Jagat is reportedly married to her husband Teg Nam. 

Teg is her intimacy coach and the director of RA MA Yatra. He is active on Instagram under the username @tegnam. 

However, not much personal detail is known about John at the time of publication. 

When Yogi Bhajan renamed her Guru, she thought she would never have a boyfriend. 

She also believes that sexual intercourse is a crucial part of both life and yoga. Further, she recommended abstaining from any form of sexual intercourse for three hours after eating.

She was also linked with fellow Guru and relationship coach John Wineland. But he is just a professional partner and nothing official has been revealed about their relationship.

How Old Was Katie Griggs? Age Revealed

Katie Griggs’ age is 40 years old.

However, her precise birthdate is not mentioned on the internet currently. 

What Is Katie Griggs Net Worth?

Katie Griggs’s verified net worth is not recorded as of now.

Nevertheless, she may have earned a sound income as one of the top yoga instructors.