Who Is Kayla LeMieux? Crumbley Neighbour Warned CPS Long Before The Shooting Tragedy

Who Is Kayla LeMieux? Crumbley Neighbour Warned CPS Long Before The Shooting Tragedy

Crumbley family’s neighbor Kayla LeMieux warned CPS long before the tragic school shooting. What did she tell the authorities? Details to know about the murder case.

On November 30, 2021, a mass shooting was reported at Oxford High School in Michigan, USA. In the event, 4 students were killed, and 7 others, including a teacher, were injured.

The authorities arrested 15-year-old Junior Ethan Crumbley. He was charged as an adult with 24 felonies, including manslaughter and terrorism.

He committed the murders with a 9mm handgun that belonged to his father. On December 3, Ethan’s Parents Jennifer and James, were also charged with involuntary manslaughter for failing to get the handgun used in the shootout.

After the parents failed to appear for prosecution, they were man hunted. Later on December 4, they were arrested in Detroit and taken into custody.

Who Is Kayla LeMieux? Crumbley Neighbour

Kayla LeMieux is the former neighbor of Michigan school shooter Ethan Crumbley. She used to live in Lake Orion in 2014 from 2015. Regardless to say, she knew a lot about the Crumbley family.

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, she stated that Jennifer and James would leave their 8-year-old son alone in their house to go for drinks. She further stated that she recalls Ethan knocking on her door when his parents were not home.

The Crumbly family lived in Atwater block, only 10 minutes away from Kayla’s previous home in Lake Orion. She revealed that she used to consider Jennifer as a friend back then.

What Did Kayla LeMieux Warn CPS Long Before The Shooting Tragedy?

Kayla LeMieux reported to the authorities by anonymously contacting the Child Protective Service a few years ago about Ethan’s parents abandoning him to go to bars.

She reported that she was unsure if CPS took any action regarding her complaints. Through her confessions, authorities found out that Ethan was severely neglected.

The Daily Mail obtained footage on Monday, which showed the 15-year-old alleged school shooter collapsing and falling in the back room of a restaurant he worked at in Oxford last year.

Kayla LeMieux Age And Facebook Photos Explored

Kayla LeMieux is currently 28 years old. Exact details regarding her birth date or place of birth are not disclosed to the public. She is a new addition to the case, so not much is known about her at the moment.

She might not have a Facebook page since we could not locate her on the site. We will update you If any new information about her or her socials surfaces in the media.

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