Who Is Kristen Saban? Lane Kiffin Wife Or Girlfriend 2021 -Everything To Know

Who Is Kristen Saban? Lane Kiffin Wife Or Girlfriend 2021 -Everything To Know

Kristen Saban was once alleged to have an affair with the coach Lane Kiffin which brought some drastic consequences.

Kristen Saban is best known as the daughter of the American football coach Nick Saban.

She rose into popularity regarding her alleged affair relationship with the then Alabama coach Lane Kiffin.

This incident got a massive headline back in 2015 which brought some drastic consequences as the coach Kiffin even had to get separated from his then-wife Layla.

Now, after more than five years of the incident, people seem to have again taken interest in the matter as they wonder about their present condition.

Thus, here is everything available to know about the woman involved in the alleged relationship, Kristen Saban.

Kristen Saban: Lane Kiffin Wife Or Girlfriend 2021

Kristen Saban was the alleged girlfriend of Lane Kiffin with whom the coach was involved in an affair but they are not together now.

In 2015, the news spread like a wildfire that coach Kiffin and Saban were physically involved in a romantic relationship, reports Otaku Kart.

This became such a major talking point that Kiffin had to resign from his position as a coach as well as divorce his wife Layla.

Although it was never proved, the alleged affair had some instant impact on the lives of the involved personnel.

Talking about Kiffin’s current love life, he is reported to be single and hasn’t revealed about having any girlfriend or wife.

Is Kristen Saban Married? Their Affair Explored

Yes. Kristen Saban is indeed married to her childhood friend Adam Setas.

Heavy has reported that Saban and Setas got married in the May of 2015 as they enjoyed their wedding ceremony in Denny Bryant Stadium.

Quickly after the surfaced relationship affair between her and Kiffin, Kristen tied herself in another knot in her best try to avoid any unnecessary rumours.

Now, the lady enjoys a happy married life with her husband Setas, having a young child together which Saban welcomed in 2020.

How Old Is Kristen Saban? Age Explored

Talking about her age, Kristen Saban is 30 years old.

Apparently, the sources have mentioned her to have been born in 1995 but the woman posted about getting 30 years old in an Instagram post in 2020.

Considering this, we can figure out Kristen Saban’s actual birthdate to be December 28, 1990.

Is Kristen Saban Adopted?

Yes. Kristen Saban is indeed the adopted daughter of the football coach Nick Saban and his wife Terry Saban.

Athlon Sports while talking about coach Nick has clearly mentioned the fact that Kristen was adopted by the couple alongside her brother Nicholas.

The Saban couple after getting married at 21 years old in 1971 later adopted two children.

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