Who Is Kyle Scheele On TikTok? Kum And Go Official Meal Prank Explained -Details To Know

Who Is Kyle Scheele On TikTok? Kum And Go Official Meal Prank Explained -Details To Know

Who Is Kyle Scheele On TikTok? Here is everything you need to know about the motivational speaker and influencer who is running a campaign after a similar concept blew up on TikTok. 

Kyle Scheele is an American author, motivational speaker, and inspirational personality who is currently working with the motto of building a better world. 

He works with a lot of young students and people from all over the United States to ensure that people do not have to go through solvable problems. 

Apart from this, people indicate him as the man who makes weird things out of cardboard and all of these things blow up on TikTok and other social media handles. 

His effort seems to be valid, and even a prank he performed on strangers is making a good thing happen, and people are really appreciating him for his deeds. 

Also, concerns regarding his age, girlfriend, social appearance, Kum and Go Official Meal, and the recently trending matter are at their peak on the web. 

Who Is Kyle Scheele On TikTok? Kum And Go Official Meal 

Kyle Scheele is a popular media personality who is also on TikTok and has actually, blown up on the platform. 

He is on the platform under the username @kylescheele and he has 3 million followers here, with over 34.7 million likes in all of his videos. 

His recent prank of a fake mean, named Kyle Scheele Meal went viral on TikTok after the news of people taking selfies with it started rising. 

With this sudden blowup, multiple brands started commenting on the video, and then a demand for having an actual Kyle Scheele meal arose. 

Eventually, Kyle got an offer from actual food-based companies: Red Bull for drinks and Kum And Go for food services. 

This prank actually turned into a real food thing, and Kyle decided to provide a red bull and a pizza sandwich, which he terms as 2 clicked stacked at each other, for $5. 

And, they have decided to take $2 out of every meal and use it for charitable causes: No Kid Hungry. 

@kylescheele #ad I’ve never been more excited to be able to use #sponsored. We did it, you guys! @kumandgo @Red Bull USA @No Kid Hungry ♬ original sound – kylescheele

Kyle Scheele Age: How Old Is He?

The age of media influencer and personality Kyle Scheele is about 34 years old. 

Well, his exact age or date of birth is not revealed yet, but many sources have claimed that he is about 34 now, and considering his appearance, we cannot deny it. 

Meet Kyle Scheele Girlfriend

Kyle Scheele does not have a girlfriend; rather, he has a wife with whom he has been married for quite some time already. 

However, we do not have any details about his wife yet. He lives with his wife at his house in Springfield, Missouri, and he also has 4 kids with her. 

Also, the detailed information about his kids is not available anywhere either. 

Is Kyle Scheele On Instagram?

As a social media motivator and influencer, Kyle Scheele is obviously available on Instagram. 

He is on the picture-sharing platform under the username @kylescheele and he has about 32.3k followers here. 

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