Who Is Leni Briscoe? Everything About The Woman Who Exposed Hilaria Baldwin’s Fake Accent

Who Is Leni Briscoe? Everything About The Woman Who Exposed Hilaria Baldwin’s Fake Accent

Leni Briscoe, a Twitter user, is recently on the front end of every news and web magazines, following her jab at the fake accent of famous Hilaria Baldwin. 

Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of Alec Baldwin, is currently grabbing the spotlight among all her fans and haters combined after being dragged into the ‘fake Spanish accent’ controversy. Being a public figure, an influencer, and a yoga instructor, Baldwin has been receiving pretty serious backlash on the accusations of cultural appropriation.

Who is Leni Briscoe?

Those, who are not up-to-date with the latest gossip, might wonder about the identity of “Leni Briscoe”. Well, let us inform you about this latest personality that’s been in the news lately.

Leni Briscoe, who goes by the username @lenibriscoe, is a Twitter user who recently posted a tweet where she pointed out Hilaria Baldwin’s fake use of her Spanish accent.

As per several articles on the media, Briscoe admitted that she posted the tweet courtesy of boredom during the pandemic. She, however, had no idea that her innocuous tweet would grab much attention in the media. 

Following the viral controversy, Leni Briscoe has hidden her identity on account of being harmed by the famous Baldwins.

Furthermore, since Leni Briscoe has not disclosed her real identity, details about her age and real name is not available anywhere on the internet.

Her Twitter account has been protected and only her approved followers can view her latest tweets. 

Although she went viral on Twitter, Leni Briscoe Instagram account is still not found. 

Twitter: Fake Accent Controversy

Like everything else on Twitter, it all started with a harmless tweet.

On December 21, the Twitter user posted a tweet where she accused Hilaria Baldwin of impersonating a Spanish accent. Obviously, the tweet garnered a lot of attention.

Following the questions and backlash, Briscoe, made some convincing remarks, including some videos and articles which allegedly proves Baldwin’s on-and-off Spanish accent.

Hilaria Baldwin Response To Leni Briscoe Accusation

In response to the thread that followed @lenibriscoe’s tweet, Hilaria Baldwin clarified that she is a mix of many, many things as a result of living in two countries. Baldwin further explained that she spent her childhood in Spain though she was never enrolled in a Spanish school. She was, in fact, born in Boston and moved to New York when she was 19 years old.

Further commenting on the controversy, Baldwin refused to apologize for growing up in two different countries. Also, she claimed that the articles where she was mentioned as Spain-born were false. As she had not read those articles before, she did not correct it. 


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