Who Is Lenny Henry Married To? Everything On His Health Problems, Daughter & More

Who Is Lenny Henry Married To? Everything On His Health Problems, Daughter & More

Lenny Henry separated from his ex-wife Dawn French in 2010. Has the actor married again? Let’s explore his personal life.

Lenny Henry is a stand-up comedian, actor, and writer from Britain.

He has appeared in movies like Coast to Coast, The Suicide Club, Work Experience, et cetera.

Further, he has been regarded as one of the best comedians in all of Britain. He is known for his quirky and weird jokes.

Lenny Henry started his career in the early 80s performing extensively in open mics and men’s club, where he got the initial experience of performing in front of the audience.

He then began looking for gigs on television and is today one of the most successful comedians.

Quick Facts:

Name Lenny Henry
Birthday August 29,1958
Age 62
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Comedian, Actor
Married/Single Dating (Lisa Makin)
Children Billie
Divorce Dawn French
Twitter @LennyHenry

Who Is Lenny Henry Married To?

Lenny Henry was married to his ex-wife Dawn French, a British actor, writer, and comedian. The couple married in the year 1984 in London and divorced in the year 2010.

They separated after 25 years of marriage.

Lenny Henry’s ex-wife Dawn French is a critically acclaimed performer and has also won awards like BAFTA TV Awards, BAFTA Fellowship, et cetera.

In the year 1987, she was featured in a music video named Love Letters and later in Whispering Your Name.

Lenny has not married again after his divorce. However, as per Wikipedia, he was recently in a relationship with Lisa Makin.

Lenny Henry’s Health Problems

In recent times, there have growing concerns among fans regarding the health condition of Lenny Henry.

His well-wishers and loved ones grew worried about the actor after his dramatic weight loss.

However, Lenny shut all the rumors in a recent interview and said that the reason for his loss of weight was for an acting role he really wanted to play.

The role was of a man who is going through hunger.

Lenny Henry’s Family and Children

Talking about Lenny Henry’s children, Henry has one daughter in his family.

Lenny and his ex-wife Dawn Frech adopted their daughter Billie in 1984, the same year of their marriage.

The reason for his divorce from Dawn French is not currently known. 

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