Who Is Leonardo Hathaway Mom Lucene Duarte? Meet Miss BumBum On Instagram

Who Is Leonardo Hathaway Mom Lucene Duarte? Meet Miss BumBum On Instagram

Leonardo Hathaway helped his mom Lucene Duarte, an Instagram model, set up an OnlyFans profile. Continue below to know more about her. 

Lucene Duarte is a London-based Instagram glamour model.

Recently, she is in the news after her 19-year-old son Leonardo Hathaway helped set her up an OnlyFans profile. 

The news may come as a surprise to many as not many teenage sons may be comfortable enough to see their parents baring it all online. 

However, Leonardo is not one of them and is quite happy to help further his mother’s career.

And, it seems, he also hopes to share in some of his mother’s profits and earn a little pocket money for himself in the process. 

Who Is Leonardo Hathaway Mom Lucene Duarte?

Lucene Duarte is a model and social media influencer. 

She has successfully gathered more than 946k followers on her Instagram account under the username @luceneduarte. 

Further, Duarte is the winner of the Brazilian Miss Bumbum beauty pageant in 2020. 

She is also featured in the issue of Portuguese Playboy and Vietnamese Harper Bazaar

Lucene Duarte Age: How Old Is She?

Lucene Duarte’s age appears to be in her late 40s as of now, judging from the pictures on her Instagram handle. 

But, as she has never disclosed her exact date of birth, it is difficult to estimate her real age. 

What Is Lucene Duarte Net Worth?

As an Instagram model, Lucene Duarte’s net worth may be in the range of a few thousand dollars. 

However, she may be able to further her earnings in the future now that her son has set her up a profile on Only Fans to help make her more money. 

On the other hand, Duarte’s verified net worth is yet to be determined. 

Lucene Duarte Son: Leonardo Hathaway

Leonardo Hathaway is the teenage son of his mother Lucene Duarte. 

He is a male model and influencer based in London, England, United Kingdom. 

According to Daily Mail, Leonardo shares a close bond with his mom Lucene, and is always up to do anything that requires his support and attention for her. 

Moreover, Leonardo is also hoping to make some more money and gain a cut of her earnings by helping her mother take a step ahead in her career. 

Furthermore, aside from his mother, there is no mention of his biological father and other family relationships in the media. 

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