Who Is Lori Harmon From Myrtle Beach? Everything On Her Husband And More

Who Is Lori Harmon From Myrtle Beach? Everything On Her Husband And More

36-year-old Lori Harmon made headlines when she was was accused of sexual acts. You can learn more about her life below.

Lori Harmon, a social media influencer, made headlines when she was caught performing sexual acts with her husband on the Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel. 

Since the couple’s arrest, they have posted a heartfelt apology to the residents of Myrtle Beach and wish to get their privacy back.

Who Is Lori Harmon From Myrtle Beach?

Lori Harmon is the wife of Harmon’s Glass company CEO Eric Harmon. The lady is a social media influencer who likes to make TikToks in her spare time. The account has 18.7k followers and ofter share their life there.

Moreover, she is not scared to show her sexuality. She revealed that she has unique fetishes, and sharing her sexual life is a big turn-on. 

. Lori has an OnlyFans account where she earns a hefty amount of money. You can follow her in her OnlyFans, where she has a gathered 10.4k lokes.

What’s more, is she charges users ten dollars a mon for a subscription.

How Old Is Lori Harmon? Age Revealed

Lori Harmon is 36 years old as of September of 2021. 

She was born and raised in the United States along with her parents and siblings. 

Her weight and height have yet to be revealed. We estimate her to be five feet eleven inches tall.

Lori Harmon Husband: Who Is She Married Too?

Lori Harmon is blissfully married to 37-year old Eric Harmon. She also has children, but their identity remains a secret. 

The couple has their residence in Myrtle Beach.

Reports say that her husband, Eric is the CEO of Harmons Glass Company, which is based in Lexington, SC. The auto replacement company specializes in serving Columbia and neighboring areas. 

In light of his arrest, his business suffered a significant amount of loss. His attorney, Stephan Grooms, added that the incident left lasting damages on his family and friends.

Skywheel Video Twitter: Is Lori Harmon Arrested?

You can follow Lori Harmon on her Twitter account and be a part of her 5k followers.

She and her husband, Eric Harmon, were arrested in April of 2021. The reason for the arrest was indecent exposure. The couple was caught having sex on the shores of Myrtle beach SkyWHeel.

The couple pleaded guilty in court and are now facing two years of probation. The couple was made to pay restitution of 1,000 US dollars.

The Myrtle Beach event was not a one-time thing. As police investigated further, they found that the couple was performing intimate acts in various public places and uploading to adult websites.