Who Is mackenziegd1998? Woman In OJ Simpson Viral TikTok Video -Details To Know

Who Is mackenziegd1998? Woman In OJ Simpson Viral TikTok Video -Details To Know

TikTok user Mackenziegd1998 shared the video of pulling away O.J. Simpson while he was trying to kiss her.

TikTok just witnessed an awkward yet funny moment.

The young TikTok user who goes by the name of Mackenziegd1998 leaked a video on her account a day ago and now the video is being viral on the platform.

The girl who was seen enjoying her time with O.J. Simpson rejected a kiss from the former American footballer.

Given his history, the girl might not have wanted to be close with Simpson however, she was recorded calling his name and enjoying her lovely time.

But things got little awkward and out of hands when O.J. tried to kiss the young girl. She even smirked a little afterwards and it seems clear that she was not expecting a kiss.

You can watch the video here.

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Who Is Mackenziegd1998?

Mackenziegd1998 is a TikTok user who rejected a kiss from former football player O.J. Simpson.

The young girl had started using the platform for just 1 month now and she is already famous with her video with O.J. Simpson.

The account Mackenziegd1998 is 6-videos-old and following the recent video, she has gained an extreme popularity.

Although her videos besides the one with O.J. are not viewed on a large numbers, the views are expected to rise with her 3 other videos already hitting the mark of over 12k.

Mackenziegd1998 is yet to be explored by the TikTok users as she has 2120 followers by the time of this writing. Her videos have seen 65.7k likes as of now.

Mackenziegd1998: Woman In O.J. Simpson Viral TikTok Video

Mackenziegd1998 released a video on TikTok which has now gained a global recognition.

Published the video on her account, we can see the 74-year-old trying to kiss a lovely young girl.

But what gained more popularity is the rejection by Mackenziegd1998 while Simpson tried to kiss her.

The pair met each other at a bar on Las Vegas and she had recorded a video shaking her body pointing towards him. Former football running back seemed to be enjoying the moment but his plan faltered quickly after Mackenziegd1998 moved away.

Following the release of the video, her account has seen numerous comments regarding the case and what happened later. Her previous TikTok videos have seen negative comments lately.


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Mackenziegd1998 Wikipedia Bio

Mackenziegd1998 is a woman residing in Las Vegas.

Born in 1998, she is 22-years-old. But the detail of her birth date is left unknown.

Originally from Portland, she goes by the name of @kenziziii on Instagram.

Her birth name is Mackenzie.  

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