Who Is Maquan McCray And Is He Arrested? Mary Smoot Manassas Shooting Suspect At Large

Who Is Maquan McCray And Is He Arrested? Mary Smoot Manassas Shooting Suspect At Large

Maquan McCray, an 18-year-old from Virginia, is a fugitive, who is in a run after shooting Mary Smoot; the police department is still looking for him. Any details about him will help the police to catch the criminal.

McCray shot Smoot after the discussion. According to witnesses, the gunshot was out of the blue and was shocking. The police were immediately informed; however, there has been no report of a man who shot the bullet.

The death of Smoot has stunned her family, and are trying to comprehend the fact that their beloved woman is no more with them. This is one of the hard times of their lives because they saw the crime themselves.

Who Is Maquan McCray And Is He Arrested? 

Maquan McCray is a teenager, who has been accused of shooting Mary Smoot fatally and fleeing the scene after that. Mary and her family went to visit McCray at Raven Crest. After the visit, they got into an altercation.

The altercation turned into violence, and the next thing that the witness knew was that McCray shot Smoot multiple times. This is a horrific incident that was astounding to the family members.

The cause of conflict is still to be revealed, so far there is no explanation regarding the issue that cause the things to go so out of hand that one person was shot dead in front of family.

Mary Smoot Manassas Shooting Suspect Wiki – What is his age?

As per the report, Mary Smoot was shot by Maquan McCray, whose age is 18 years old, multiple times due to escalation of verbal altercation. He is in a run after that and is being searched by the police.

Maquan used to live in Raven Crest and it is still not clear why was victim there that day with her family. It is possible that they were to visit McCray because they knew him from the past.

McCray is currently wanted for murder and firearm felony. He is at large and anyone who has any tips regarding him is requested by the police department to inform at 703-792-6500.

Maquan McCray Parents – Is He On Facebook?

Maquan’s parents’ details are publicly unavailable. The police department has said nothing regarding his parents. It is also unknown whether he used to live with his parents or not.

It is possible that he used to live with his parents because he was a teen, but there are no reports of such so far. His parents must have been disheartened by the move he has taken in his life.

Maquan was not found on Facebook, so it is unclear whether he has an active Facebook account or not. 

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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