Who Is Marly Esteves On TikTok? Her Age, Instagram And Bio: 10 Facts To Know

Who Is Marly Esteves On TikTok? Her Age, Instagram And Bio: 10 Facts To Know

A social media influencer, Marly Esteves is a famous TikTok star. As crazy as it sounds, she is a 14-year-old gymnast who is widely popular as “the girl with muscles”. Incredibly, she has attained a muscular and beefy built at such a juvenile age. 

No wonder, people are immediately drawn towards her. It’s rather phenomenal for someone her age to have such robust anatomy. Since the start of her TikTok channel, Marly has attracted tremendous online followings. Currently, she boasts 1.9 million followers on her TikTok account. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Marly Esteves On TikTok? Her Age, Instagram And Bio: 10 Facts To Know
Name Marly Esteves
Birthday 2006
Age 14
Gender Female
Profession TikTok Star, Gymnast
Married/Single Single
Instagram marlyestevess_
Tiktok marlyestevess

##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ THICK – DJ Chose & Beatking

10 Facts On Marly Esteves

  1. Marly Esteves is 14 years of age at present. She was born around the year 2006. Other than that, her actual birth date is yet to surface.
  2. Since Marly Esteves is still in her early adolescent stage, she appears to be decently tall. As she grows older, she will likely attain a few more inches in height. 
  3. Marly Esteves is available on Instagram with 36.8k followers. It seems as though the starlet has two different Instagram accounts. Nevertheless, the starlet isn’t as active here. 
  4. Speaking about her private life, the 14-year-old TikTok sensation does not appear to have a boyfriend. Her content also hasn’t featured any “guy” that could suggest otherwise. 
  5. Despite her popularity, Marly Esteves hasn’t landed a spot on Wikipedia yet. Hopefully, our readers will take away some fascinating truths about the starlet through this article.
  6. As of now, information about her family, siblings, and educational background are yet to be disclosed. 
  7. It looks as though, Marly Esteves only posted her first video on TikTok back in September 2020.
  8. Within a matter of months, her popularity has skyrocketed. Most of her videos posted on TikTok have either gone viral or acquired millions of views.
  9. With millions of online followers, Marly is capitalizing on her fame. However, her net worth is yet to be made public. 
  10. Speaking of her TikTok content, Marly Esteves is generally showing off her dance moves while parading her bulky and muscular physique. 

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