Who Is Mayo Schmidt Wife Zahra AlHarazi-Schmidt? Family Details About The Nutrien CEO

Who Is Mayo Schmidt Wife Zahra AlHarazi-Schmidt? Family Details About The Nutrien CEO

Mayo Schmidt is happily married to his wife Zahra AlHarazi-Schmidt, who motivates and inspires him like she does the rest of the world. 

After eight months as CEO of one of the largest fertilizer makers in the world, Mayo Schmidt handed in his notice. Formal notice of Mayo Schmidt’s departure was announced by the chair of the board of directors of Nutrien.

“On behalf of the board of directors and the Nutrien team, I would like to thank Mayo Schmidt for his years of service to the organization. We wish him the best in his next endeavors.” This was the statement made by Russ Girling. 

Zahra AlHarazi-Schmidt – Who Is Mayo Schmidt Wife?

Mayo Schmidt is married to one of Canada’s most powerful women, Zahra AlHarazi-Schmidt. She cofounded Skillit in December of 2017, which serves as a skill-based experiential marketplace.

She is a globally recognized speaker represented by Speaker’s Spotlight. She has had the opportunity to talk in nations like Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Chile.

After publishing her first novel through Harper Collins, “What It Takes,” she was recognized as an author in January 2020.

Mayo Schmidt Age And Net Worth

Mayo Schmidt was born in 1957 in Kansas state, making his current age 64. He has collected a net worth of almost $4 million. 

As CEO of Hydro One, he received almost $2 million in raise in 2017. In 2016, his total paycheck was $4.4 million. This included base salary, shares, and incentive pay. 

His current worth is not known at the moment. 

Mayo Schmidt – Why Did Nutrien CEO Resign?

Mayo Schmidt left Nutrien on January 4 after taking over the CEO position in April 2021. He followed in the footsteps of the former CEO, Chuck Margo.  

The corporation did not explain the reason behind the sudden exit of the former CEO. Their news release stated that he had resigned from his post as president and CEO. Moreover, he had resigned from the board of directors as well. 

The vacant post is currently filled in temporarily by the executive vice president and CEO of Potash Ken Seitz. Nutrien announced that it is looking for a CEO to fill the position permanently.  

After Mayo Schmidt made an abrupt exit from Nutrien, Saskatoon-based fertilizer company’s shares dived. 

Due to legal reasons, the company cannot comment on the specifics of his resignation. Spokeswoman Megan Fielding announced adamantly that the adjustment would have no impact on Nutrien’s strategic orientation.

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