Who Is Messytea12 On Twitter? Jayda and AJ Video Tape Exposed

Who Is Messytea12 On Twitter? Jayda and AJ Video Tape Exposed

Who Is Messytea12 On Twitter? Here is everything about the Twitter user who posted a leaked video of social media personalities and web artists Jayda and AJ. 

A Twitter user, Messytea12, has posted a video stating that it is a leaked videotape of a web artist involved in sexual intercourse. 

When looking over the account, it seems like a newly made fake account of someone who jas just created it for posting the video. 

With only that video on the account, people are eager to find out who this person is. 

Hence, concerns regarding his real name, age, and other related matters are at their peak. 

However, more than all that, the clip is being watched by thousands of views, and people are interested in knowing if the clip is, indeed, of Jayda and AJ. 

Who Is Messytea12 On Twitter?

As mentioned, Messytea12 is an anonymous user on Twitter who is widely getting popular for his content. 

The Twitter username for this handle is @messytea12, and this account has over 5500 followers in just a short period of time. 

Also, there are no pictures or any other information regarding the user, so it looks like it will always remain a mystery. 

The netizens are also concerned regarding the face, real name, age, and other personal facts about this user. 

However, there are not even nits of details regarding the user except for his user name. 

Jayda and AJ Video Tape Exposed

The clip revealed by Messytea12 has 2 people involved sexually, and the person has claimed that those people are Jayda And Aj. 

However, it cannot be confirmed yet. There is no revelation of their face or any other criteria that would make sure that they are Jayda and Aj. 

These web stars are always trending on the media for different cases. They are frequently trolled by their followers so that it might be one of a similar case. 

Many people have responded to this video and talked about this matter, but there is no official reply from Jayda and Aj. 

The clip contains mostly dark clips where nothing seems clear, and the only thing clear is the voice of the characters in the clip. 

Still, once a rumor is spread, it is not clear until the personality makes things clear regarding such matters.