Who Is Mia Calabrese From Selling the Hamptons? Everything To Know

Who Is Mia Calabrese From Selling the Hamptons? Everything To Know

Mia Calabrese is a licensed real estate salesperson who has found herself a fitting role in the new discovery+ series Selling the Hamptons as one of six agents. 

As one of the six agents featured in the real estate drama Selling the Hamptons, Mia Calabrese cannot wait for it to premiere on January 20. 

Action-packed and drama-packed, the series shows the agents fighting for a place in the premium East End real estate market. Nothing like pressure and real competition to put loyalties to the test.

Who will manage to make a name for themself when demand is at an all-time high, and there is limited inventory? 

Who Is Mia Calabrese From Selling the Hamptons? What Is Her Age? 

As the only Black real estate agent booked in the show Selling the Hamptons, Mia Calabrese shows gratitude towards her parents and grandparents for instilling the importance of homeownership. 

Everything she learned about homeownership and intergenerational wealth, she claims she learned it from them initially. 

In the new discovery+ series Selling the Hamptons, real estate drama, as well as real-world rivalry, is both outrageously high. The series follows a selected crew of six real estate agents from Nest Seekers International. They are all Hamptons-based.

Mia Calabrese competes against Bianca D’Alessio, J.B. Andreassi, Michael Fulfree, Peggy Zabakolas, and Kenny Arias.

Though her age is unknown, she looks to be in her early 30s. 

Mia Calabrese Wikipedia Details

Mia Calabrese is a real estate agent affiliated with Nest Seekers International. She is based in New York City. Currently, two homes located at Livingston Street under her listings on line city website have both been rented out. 

Mia holds a bachelor’s degree in Government and Political Science from St. John’s University. She is an ardent cyclist, a globe traveler, and a wine lover.

While her primary location is in East Hampton, New York, she loves to travel all around the globe in search of networking and accumulating life experiences. 

She has frequent excursions to Europe, the Mediterranean, and South America’s most sought-after places. Passionate in her work, Mia has received nominations for the Concierge Choice Awards in New York City.

She is active on Instagram under the handle @miagcalabrese with over 5K followers. 

What Is Mia Calabrese Net Worth? Who Is Her Husband?

Mia Calabrese has accumulated considerable wealth with an estimated net worth somewhere in the millions. Her job as a real estate agent catering to wealthy and elite clients has undoubtedly helped her maintain a lavish lifestyle. 

Her expertise and intuitive awareness of the beautiful art of living allow her to succeed in ultra-luxury real estate servicing. 

It is unknown whether Mia has found herself a special someone to permanently attach her life. Though judging by the lack of ring on her finger, it is doubtful she has a husband. 

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Last Modified: January 17, 2022

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