Who Is Michelle Merritt? Friend Of Lester Thomas Allegedly Harassed By MP Claudia Webbe

Who Is Michelle Merritt? Friend Of Lester Thomas Allegedly Harassed By MP Claudia Webbe

Executive personnel, Michelle Merritt is a friend of Lester Thomas. She is creating a buzz as a victim of harassment by the Lancaster East’s MP, Claudia Webbe.

Michelle Merritt is a friend of Claudia’s partner, Lester Thomas. She thought them to have an affair which resulted in harassment.

The incident took place between September of 2018 to April 2020. Webbe called Merritt on phone and threatened her with an acid attack and leaking private pictures.

Claudia’s torture escalated in March of 2019. She started verbally abusing Michelle. As a result, Ms. Merritt asked for help from a police officer but Webbe did not stop.

Webbe is found guilty of harassment and will face some years of prison sentence. To be true, all evidence and call recordings turned her in.

Who Is Lester Thomas Friend Michelle Merritt?

Laster Thomas’s friend Michelle Merritt is British executive personnel.

Previously, the couple dated for a short period of time. But they broke off and remained good friends from that time onwards.

Merritt and Thomas were still in contact as their friendship goes on 15 years back. However, it made Laster’s partner, Claudia insecure.

As a result, she made strings of secret calls to Michelle via a withheld cellphone. Then, she began threatening Merritt to stay away from Thomas and not to come in between their relationship.

Details On How Claudia Webbe Harassed Michelle Merritt

Leicester East’s MP Claudia Webbe allegedly harassed her husband’s friend, Michelle Merritt.

As per News Sky, it occurred between September 2018 to April 2020. Claudia called Michelle secretly and threatened her with various things.

Ms. Merritt remained silent for some time due to her fears. But when the harassment escalated in 2019, she took help from the authorities.

Webbe verbally abused Michelle and asked her to be away from Lester. She also threatened to either leak her private photos or cause bodily harm by acid attack.

The MP has been found guilty by the court of law. She will face some years of a prison sentence for sure.

Michelle Merritt Age Explored: How Old?

The age of executive Michelle Merritt is 59 years old.

She was born in 1962 but her date of birth is unknown. Moreover, she is a British citizen based in Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

Find Michelle Merritt On Instagram

Michelle Merritt is not actually present on Instagram.

But the hashtag of her name is going viral online. She gained recognition after she dragged her harasser, MP Claudia Webbe to court.

As per BBC, the jury has found the MP guilty and she will definitely be punished for her deeds.