Who Is Mike Lemieux? Meet The “House With History” HGTV Cast On Instagram

Who Is Mike Lemieux? Meet The “House With History” HGTV Cast On Instagram

Mike Lemieux is a history buff and a passionate preservationist who will be appearing on the new HGTV show Houses with History.

HGTV is back with a new show ‘Houses with History’.

The home renovation show will see 3 of the most passionate preservationists and professionals who hit the road to restore the historic vintage homes.

Mike Lemieux, one of them is a history buff is accompanied by the designer Jenn MacDonald and carpenter Rich Soares.

They are on a mission to rescue the vintage homes which are around centuries-old in Plymouth, Mass.

The series will look for the old homes and the history and back story behind the making of the old houses.

Every episode of the series will see the new vintage house being renovated by the history buff, carpenter, and designer.

The first episode of ‘Houses with History’ features the 2 historic properties built in the 1700s i.e. a former inn and a single-family home.

Who Is Mike Lemieux From Houses With History?

Mike Lemieux is a historic home addict man.

Now, he will be seen as a host of the new HGTV show ‘Houses with History’.

Besides that, he is also a co-founder of Full Circle Homes which focuses on redesigning the old homes plus they build a new one too.

The company works on commercial and residential interior design as well.

The big-time historic home addict will use his knowledge for the advantage of the show and the houses.

Mike Lemieux Age And Wikipedia Details

Mike Lemieux is currently enjoying his mid-40s.

However, the given age is based on the assumption of his appearance as his date of birth is not revealed to the public.

Further, his Wikipedia bio is not published as well.

But he is known to be a Massachusetts native who was born to a father who was a professional carpenter in Sandwich and his mother was a historian who worked at Thornton W. Burgess Museum.  

His educational details could not be found on the web.  

Who Is Mike Lemieux Wife?

Mike Lemieux is married to his wife Jennifer MacDonald.

She is a professional interior designer and co-owner of Full Circle Homes. MacDonald is a real estate agent as well.

Both the couple will be haunting the old houses in the new show of HGTV.

The couple has known each other since their high school days but they re-united two decades later following the passion for real estate and history.

Jennifer is a mother to her daughter Karissa MacDonald and a son whose name is yet to be revealed.

Mike Lemieux Net Worth And Instagram

The net worth of Mike Lemieux is not calculated to date.

But he is a professional historian and a co-owner of the company named Full Circle Homes.

Plus he is also a host of the new show, so he is assumed to have a satisfactory worth in his name.

Mike is available on Instagram under his username @ironandoilmike

He provides an update about his professional detail to his followers on the platform.