Who Is Mrs Kapri aka Mellow Rackz? Kodak Black Panthers Game Video Turns Out Out Be Twerking By Her

Who Is Mrs Kapri aka Mellow Rackz? Kodak Black Panthers Game Video Turns Out Out Be Twerking By Her

During a Florida Panthers game, Kodak Black unexpectedly performed. People mistook him for a dancer because he got twerked on so hard.

Mellow Rackz, a 19-year-old rapper, and Kodak Black were engaged in 2021; they have been involved in numerous problems, yet they are still adored.

The online was split as to whether or not Kodak was having sexual relations with his date throughout the game, with others assuming his date was twerking on him.

Who Is Mrs Kapri, aka Mellow Rackz?

Mellow Rackz is a 19-year-old rapper on the rise.

Even though she is a rapper, she has no songs on YouTube and no music on Spotify under her name.

Her Instagram feed chronicles her opulent lifestyle, including anything from diamond watches to high-end handbags.

She reportedly posted a story with the phrase Before you talk about her that She is self-made been affected, and she bought all her jewelry, and she purchased all jewelry to dispel rumors that she is a gold digger.

Mellow Rackz And Kodak Black Panthers Game: Twerking Video 

Kodak Black has been in the media for a variety of reasons. He’s a rapper; thus, his music releases are frequently in the headlines. 

The internet was split on whether this was a good idea or not Kodak was engaged in sexual activity during the game, with others believing that his date was twerking on him.

Whatever they were doing, social media was outraged that Kodak could have done the act during a hockey game.

However, a video from inside the suite reveals that the two were not committing adultery but rather dancing on Kodak.

Are Mellow Rackz and Kodak Black Still Engaged?

Kodak Black and Mellow Rackz confirmed their engagement in 2021, and it now appears that they have tattoos of each other’s names. 

They appear to be together still, as there is no mention of their breakup.

Both artists had their legal names tattooed on them, with Kodak having “Melody” on the base of the neck and Melody getting “Bill” on her face.

Kodak was born Dieuson Octave, but in 2018 he legally changed his name to Bill K. Kapri.

Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s attorney, confirmed the engagement to Complex, saying that his client is engaged and delighted. Kodak went on to say that he is in a good place and that he is enjoying his time with friends and family.

His admirers were ecstatic for him and eagerly awaited their wedding.

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