Who Is Natasha Maree? 10 Facts To Know About Vegan Fitness Influencer

Who Is Natasha Maree? 10 Facts To Know About Vegan Fitness Influencer

Natasha Maree is an Australian vegan fitness influencer. She is from Adelaide, Southern Australia. Maree recently made headlines all over the news after she was called out by a woman for wearing inappropriate wear to the beach. Natasha posted the video on her TikTok and later on youtube with the caption “Karen doesn’t want me to wear a bikini to the beach”. 

Natasha is Fitness Influencer and also a vegan advocate. She also runs a YouTube channel where she shares her fitness tips. Let us learn more about this Australian Vegan Fitness influence Natasha Maree and look at her 10 amazing facts. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Natasha Maree? 10 Facts To Know About Vegan Fitness Influencer

Name Natasha Maree
Age 20-30
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Influencer
Married/Single Dating
Husband Harley Johnstone
Instagram @getfitwnatasha
Tiktok @getfitwithnatasha

10 Facts On Natasha Maree.

  1. Natasha Maree introduced the headline-making video on her TikTok. Natasha Maree goes by @getfitwithnatasha on TikTok. 
  2. Natasha Maree has not revealed her age or her birthday to the public yet. She looks of age range between 20-30 years. 
  3. Natasha Maree’s Instagram account can be found as @getfitwnatasha. She has over 52.6k followers on her Instagram. 
  4. According to Natasha’s Instagram bio, she is on Starva an athlete designed cycling tracking social network. She can be found as Natasha Team Vegan. 
  5. Maree and her boyfriend Harley Johnstone have appeared quite a few times on Instagram together. No further information is available on the couple. 
  6. Natasha’s Boyfriend Harley Johnstone goes by the name @durianrider.pragmabikes on Instagram. He is CEO of Pagma custom bikes. 
  7. Maree has not made her height or weight public or talked about it to any media or internet. Judging by her images she is well over 5 feet and 8 inches. 
  8. The educational backgrounds of Maree are not available to the public. But she is teaching the benefits of fitness and diet plan to her followers. 
  9. Natasha was taking a shower on the beach while she met the woman who called her on her wear. This incident has made headlines all over the world. 
  10. Maree being a fitness influencer herself has a great made body. She has an athletic body type. 

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