Who Is Nbaballboy TikTok? Richard Jefferson And NBA Ball Boy Feud Explained

Who Is Nbaballboy TikTok? Richard Jefferson And NBA Ball Boy Feud Explained

Who Is Nbaballboy TikTok? The New TikTok controversy about a former ball boy and former basketball player Richard Jefferson are surfacing at the top of the media. 

Recently, a young boy made different TikTok videos where he talked about how he thinks that the former basketball player Richard Jefferson is the “Biggest Jerk” he has seen. 

Well, Richard is a big star so surely was not affected by this thing initially. However, with constant talks of such talks near him, he finally spoke about it; more on that later. 

With such replies and controversy being built because of several reasons, people are eager to find out more about what is happening. 

While some are completely unknown about what is happening, some do know what is going on but they want to know more. Whichever the case is, people are wondering more about it. 

Indeed, concerns regarding his TikTok videos and the feud between them are rising all over the web and are currently at their peak. 

Who Is Nbaballboy TikTok?

Nbaballboy is a young and rising comedian who was previously an NBA Ball boy. 

Well, he is starting to have a career in comedy and is looking for different comedy materials, which is why many people think he ended up with Richard Jefferson. 

However, things do not seem to be properly working for him looking at the recent things that are happening to him. 

He has built a strong rival for himself and there are many people who now hate him for the recent things and claims he has made. 

Richard Jefferson And NBA Ball Boy Feud Explained

To make things clear, there was a TikTok video uploaded by Nbaballboy, now deleted with his handle private, which started everything. 

Here, he stated that basketball player Richard Jefferson was a bad person who did not even notice him in those years as a ball boy and he is the biggest “jerk” he has ever met. 

Well, considering all the hate people get on social media, this statement was not a big thing because he just felt that Richard was not a good person. 

However, was it for comedy content or he was talking real, but he stated a few disgusting things in the video where he talked about Richard and other basketball players’ genitals. 

Richard was silent until this statement to which he created a 2 mins video saying that it is very wrong to talk about grown baseball players’ genitals. 

And, Richard said that Nbaballboy’s such behavior is the reason why no basketball players recognize him. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have seen the video and many have shared this video in support of Richard Jefferson. 

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