Who Is Nikki Guidish? Meet Patrick Cantlay Girlfriend On Instagram

Who Is Nikki Guidish? Meet Patrick Cantlay Girlfriend On Instagram

Patrick Cantlay girlfriend Nikki Guidish is pursuing a career as a model. Find out more details regarding Cantlay’s partner.

Nikki Guidish is best known as the girlfriend of Patrick Cantlay.

Her boyfriend Patrick Cantlay is a popular golfer from Long Beach, California.

Cantlay has been professionally involved in the game for almost 8 years. A four-time, PGA tour winner, she has listed himself in the group of elite golfers.

A low-profile golfer has recently got into a relationship that has surprised many of his fans. A model from America, Nikki has been a topic of interest for all Patrick’s fans.

Who is Patrick Cantlay’s girlfriend Nikki Guidish?

Nikki Guidish is an American model.

There is not much information on Patrick’s girlfriend, but it appears Nikki has just pursued her career in modeling. She seems young, talented, confident, and beautiful at the same time, which can be the reason Patrick fell for her.

Talking about her educational background, Nikki is a pharmacy student. She went to the University of Central Florida to study pharmacology.

Likewise, Nikki’s LinkedIn suggests she works in Palm Beach Pharmaceuticals as a pharmacist in charge. 

How Old Is Nikki Guidish?

Patrick Cantlay’s girlfriend Nikki Guidish appears to fall in the age group of 25-35 years old.

The talented scholar graduated in 2014 and her age should have been around 20-23 years old at that time. Likewise, Nikki’s images online also indicate she belongs to the above-mentioned age group.

Nikki Guidish Instagram

Nikki Guidish is active on Instagram under the name @nikki_guidish. 

She has grabbed 9,807 followers lately. Her Instagram is the main gateway towards her personal life. One can follow her to be updated on every news relevant to her.

How Tall Is Nikki Guidish?

Nikki Guidish appears to have a height of 5 feet 6 inches in her images.

She seems to have a normal height, however, she ranks above the average woman in all aspects. 

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